Friday, October 31, 2008

The Federated Lookbook of Summer

We love Federation. Not just because they are supportive of a very worthwhile cause in CanTeen and not just because they have survived and thrived for 8 years now. We love them because they do things well and in the case of their latest look book, very well. The Federation Summer 08/09 look book is in fact more like a book. The 86 page, perfect bound style tome features dozens of real peeps shot on location around Auckland and abroad wearing the new Federation range and giving us a little insight into their iPod or latest read to boot.

It's the selection of people that is most interesting too. From Christopher - Bureau Chief @ Sportswear International Magazine shot in New York to Helena - a detective and Fraser a childcare teacher the Federation faithful are on show along with the clothes.

Nice work Feds.