Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Great Gatsby, according to Miuccia and Baz

 Small and perfectly formed, F.Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby is a sublime novel, albeit averagely interpreted in the past on the silver screen. The novel was set in the Jazz Age, in a fashion sense a fine era indeed and Baz Luhrmann surely knows this, courting Miuccia Prada, one of the world's greatest fashion designers and the legendary costume designer Catherine Martin to deliver the sartorial elegance the great novel deserves. Prada and Martin deliver a bespoke collection of over 40 unique Miu Miu and Prada cocktail and evening dresses that have been inspired by runway looks from the last 20 years to aesthetically take Gatsby to a new level.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Check the Fringe with Salon Mika

More side part then fringe, Mika will
reveal all in the Salon
Our good friend and 'King of Exotic Cabaret' Mika is bringing his take on cabaret - think Josephine Baker on a naughty night out with Grace Jones - to an iconic, for us at least, part of Karangahape Road. As part of the Auckland Fringe and Pride Festival, Salon Mika will run at Switch Bar, which just happens to be the same space that we lived in for six years and ran our magazine Planet from. Mika, who describes himself as: "One part plastic Māori, one part lifestyle liberationist and one part icon. Actor, singer, dancer, image‐maker," is a veteran of seven Edinburgh Fringe Festivals so expect a world-class show and a cast "of live musicians, dancers, exotic performers and poets from several countries." The R18 show opens to the public on Valentines Day, Feb 14 and runs through Wed-Sat nights from 8pm to Feb 23. Tickets are from $12 at or 09 889 2161

Friday, January 25, 2013

Live More Awesome and the World's Biggest Waterslide

Day one of the dig!

We are so very impressed by our friend Daniel Drupsteen and his mate Jimi Hunt. Both have suffered at the hands of depression and both have decided to do something about it by forming Live More Awesome, a New Zealand based charity that aims to keep depression at bay by simply "living more awesome." True to their word they have come up with an awesome concept; the World's Biggest Waterslide to raise money for the Live More awesome Charity. The event, to be held at a private farm near Helensville on February 23 and 24 will feature three waterslides, one of which will be a massive 650 metres long. Tickets are $46 from Indiegogo and limited to 2,000 people - they're selling like hot cakes so best be in very quickly. Buy a ticket, help fight depression, have a hell of a good time and be part of history. Go ahead, live more awesome!

BLACKLOG EDITORIAL #31: Charles Howells shoots Chloe Graham at 62 Models

Leather jacket from Lonely Hearts archive,
jewellery by Zora Bell Boyd
 Wellington-based model Chloe Graham has long been one of the best on 62 Models' books so when Charles Howells had the opportunity to shoot her we were more than keen to run the images here on Blacklog. Stylist Rachael Churchward put together an eclectic mix of local and international labels, Sharlene Cassidy looked after hair and make-up using M.A.C Cosmetics and Chloe did the rest!

Amici di Peroni with Hayden McMillan

We all love a good degustation meal, right? In December, Peroni threw a lunch on Waiheke Island with master New Zealand chef Hayden McMillan, head chef at Parnell's Tribeca restaurant that upped the ante on the lunch front! Travelling via Ferrari and helicopter, guests were treated to a cooking masterclass by McMillan who took them through the meal step-by-step, allowing time to sup plenty of Peroni. Tomato and watermelon gazpacho was followed by beetroot cured salmon gravalax, pork belly with avocado and prawns, milk-fed lamb with peas, dates and yoghurt and finally, mint slice and ice cream. It might be the Maori blood in us, but pork belly is high on our list of yummy things so let's share Hayden's delicious pork belly, avocado and prawns recipe with you...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Stand Out" Collection by Glassons at Van Lier Rose Factory

"Stand Out doesn't have to be a shout, and it's certainly not a whisper. It is a clear voice for a different time, and it speaks of a new history"

This quote pulled from the new Stand Out collection by Glassons booklet is a good way to describe the brand's new step in the right direction. What has been up until now considered a mainstream chainstore, Glassons is about to take on a whole new girl.

Yesterday we were taken, by bus, up to the Van Lier Rose Factory in Coatesville where we sat amongst rows of rosebuds to watch the new Stand Out collection by Glassons runway show. And yes, we were impressed. A clean, sophisticated line up of smart casual-wear came roaring down the runway, set against foot-tap-worthy rock tunes played by a mixture of musicians from the DHDFDs, Rackets, Splash & Checks.

Quilted leather-esque bomber jackets and mini skirts, leather-esque sleeved winter coats and cropped cigarette pants in dense patterns stole the show. Pieces to take home? The denim. Great fitting boy-ish denim jeans, dungarees like you've always wanted, embroidery collared shirts and tough denim vests. Simple and easy with a price point to allowing constant thrashing.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wrangler AW 13 Campaign feat. Ruby Jean Wilson by Cory White

 Wrangler's AW 13 campaign continues the brands directional, quality imaging with the latest offering by photographer Cory White and stylist Tamila Purvis capturing the range's 90's grunge band influence to a t (shirt). Starring undeniably one of the hottest models in the world at the moment, Ruby Jean Wilson, and two great male faces in smouldering Jacob Hankin and the suitably hirsuite Nic Smith, the collection draws upon the lyrics of Neil Young and the music of the incomparable Daniel Lanois to inform the look and feel. Denim shirts are big, as are trucker jackets. both rich parts of the brand's iconic heritage, whilst vintage lace, printed velvet, textured jeans, faded denim and the return of the skirt signal the grunge direction. Dig it! Photography: Cory White Styling: Tamila Purvis Models: Ruby Jean Wilson, Jacob Hankin and Nic Smith, all at Priscillas

Friday, January 18, 2013

Maya Handley of Turnedout for Glassons in NYC

Keeping up their New York City vibe in their summer campaigns, Glassons head over to the big apple for the second summer in a row to shoot their new summer campaign with Maya Handley of has been a huge inspiration for me personally and I know for a fact that the aesthetic and charm Maya captures in her photographs of girls on the street grabs the attention of girls from all over the globe. When all the other street-style bloggers turned to commercialise their images and start printing their own books as a means to evolve, Maya, by instinct, clearly pulled in the other direction and continued to capture the realness on the street, exposing her sharp eye for pre-fashion-cues. Photographing inspiring girls who we learn hold jobs we get jealous over, girls who wear shoes and hats we love- but have no idea where they could have found them, and girls who dress themselves, for themselves - not to be photographed. 

An inspiring kiwi lass herself, New Zealander Maya, now residing in New York, works for people such as Grazia Italy, Dana Lee and Oyster. Having also taken images for other kiwi brands such as Stolen Girlfriends Club and Lonely Hearts, she now adds Glassons to her NZ list. Engulfing the Glassons brand straight into her world of Maya has captured the new season's collection in a whole new light. A light which we are loving. 

The images embody that same spontaneity of turnedout. Delivering a combination of Maya's eye for detail, color, natural light, and personality; it is the New Zealand girl's take of life in the big city! 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hair, in a very big way with Iggy Rosales, by Thom Kerr

Alyssia wears: Knit by Koren Wheatley, vintage shirt by Abercrombie & Fitch 
22-year-old Iggy Rosales has been making a name for himself as the quietly confident colourist turned session stylist. Rising up the editorial ranks, he's become known for his ability to execute complicated styles with fearless ease and speed. We asked him to create some big hair with fresh face Alyssia from Volta Models and talk us through some of the methods behind his madness. And in the process we discovered he was born in New Zealand! Naturally it was only a matter of time before his skills would grace our Blacklog audience!

Intro and interview below by Thom Kerr. Photography: Thom Kerr Styling: Sarah Birchley Hair: Iggy Rosales using Kevin.Murphy Make-up: Lauren Chalmers Model: Alyssia at Volta Models

Roberto Cavalli FW Menswear feat. Vinnie Woolston

Roberto Cavalli teams with son Daniele to deliver his latest menswear collection in a trippy film set in a fantastical nightclub to the bluesy sounds of The Cyborgs. Of particular note to NZ fashion followers is the appearance of New Zealand's number one male model, Vinnie Woolston at 62 Models.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Strateas-Carlucci-sphere

Peter Strateas
and Mario Luca Carlucci had early success with their first label Trimapee before closing it down gently to go straight to Paris with their next venture Strateas Carlucci, a picture of tailoring, construction and form..

interview: Grant Fell photo: Superteam Studios

The Art Factory of Amanda

She’d happily eat Yoko Ono’s grapefruit with Dali but Amanda Charchian would be much happier making things; sculptures, photographs, films, collages, paintings and installations, will do.

interview: Yasmine Ganley photos: Eliot Lee Hazel

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Karen Walker, meet Fred Perry

The iconic Fred Perry shirt, one of the world's most recognisable, has just turned 60 years of age. To celebrate the brand asked '60 of its most loyal and distinguished fans' to furnish a birthday shirt to celebrate. The selection is deliciously diverse, from Raf Simons, Collette and Inez and Vinoodh to Damon Albarn, the world's greatest bike rider Sir Bradley Wiggins, Neville Brody and Nitzer Ebb among others. The fact that New Zealand designer Karen Walker has been selected as one of the collaborators is testament to her standing as not only a fashion designer, but a creative thinker. The designs range from Damon Albarn's incredibly simple '60' moniker to UK designer Sister by Sibling's relatively complex Fred Perry shirt/dress/tutu so it is great to see that Walker's design (pictured) looks and feels so very Karen Walker. The entire collection can be viewed on the Fred Perry microsite and in collaboration with Dover Street Market and set designer Andy Hillman some will be displayed in an exhibition at DSM on Jan 26, before the installation travels to DSM Ginza and I.T Beijing after the London event. Admirably, the collection will be auctioned to raise money for the Amy Winehouse Foundation later this year.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Levi Hawken, the Bomb, according to Liverpool Street

All photos: Damien Nikora Styling: Cy Hermann
Levi Hawken, he of 'Nek Minnit' fame has more to offer than a catch phrase, he's a role model for the challenged and challengers, in many senses of the word: Levi has spent his life overcoming obstacles. Physically, due to ectodermal dysplasia, figuratively, as a leading NZ skateboarder, and most recently, unwanted fame as the ‘Nek Minnit guy’. Grant Fell and Rachael Churchward get the lowdown on hill bombing, teaching kids the right way to skate and the inextricable nature of association...

BTS film: Thom Kerr shoots Rowena by Dylan Buzolich

Black Magazine from Dylan B on Vimeo.

Following on from the last post, here's the behind-the-scenes film of Thom Kerr's shoot with Rowena at Chadwick directed by Dylan Buzolich. Hair and make-up by Justin Henry. Styling, and a not insubstantial amount of clothing, by James Todorov. Song: The Supreme Beings Of Leisure 'Last Girl on Earth".

BLACKLOG EDITORIAL #30: Thom Kerr, Justin Henry and James Todorov shoot Rowena at Chadwick

Headpiece by James Todorov( customised), blouse by
 Alice McCall, ring by House of Baulch
 Whilst in Melbourne in December, Black Australian editor Thom Kerr hooked up with our Melbourne editor Justin Henry for the first time. Like-minded souls tend to find each other and before you know it, this Blacklog editorial was born. The pair added Melbourne artist James Todorov to the mix and shot beautiful Rowena Xi Kang at Chadwick. Says Thom: "James is a performance artist, a clothing designer and a talented stylist with a wonderful eye. I noticed James work back in early 2012 so it was very rewarding to finally make the time to create something together. I'd also been wanting to work with Black Magazine's rather fabulous Melbourne editor Justin Henry for quite some time, so we thought it fitting that we involve James in our collaboration! Justin is a fan of Todorov's styling work as well, and both of us are confident that soon you will be too..." Sold!

Our Valentin: Why it's good to Love Ugly

I Love Ugly is quite clearly New Zealand's fastest growing clothing brand with a huge following online and internationally. Founder Valentin Ozichs and his team have all of the elements in place to ensure that I Love Ugly is only going to grow, in many directions.

interview: Yasmine Ganley photos: Oliver Rose

MIranda Tapsell: The sparkling Sapphire

At 17, Darwin-born actress Miranda Tapsell witnessed a stage show called ‘The Sapphires’, it changed her life. Serendipitously, many years later, ‘The Sapphires’ has changed her life, yet again, this time with Miranda as one of the stars.

story and photo by Thom Kerr  styling: Chris Leger  hair: Richard Kavanagh at DLM  make-up: Jovita Lee dress: Dan Jones

Ribal and Gil, Melbourne's Superteam

They may look like the Odd Couple, because, well they happily are. Melbourne photographers Superteam Studios inhabit a creative space that only they can find, and it shows in their superlative work.

interview: Grant Fell photo: Superteam Studios

The many hats of Ashley Ruprecht

Describing her own style as ‘part future retro-goth, part Glenda the Good Witch from Wizard of Oz, it is clear that NY-based hatmaker Ashley Ruprecht is a vision of style. Just don’t go to the movies with her.

interview: Grant Fell photo: Alex Forsey styling: Sara Dunn at Clicks & Contacts

Is that you Johnny? Thom Kerr and Lindsay Rose ask questions...

We've decided to use Blacklog this year to place some of the content from Black online. So here in the first of a series of excerpts from BLK #18, is Johnny Castrati!

intro and photo: Thom Kerr interview: Lindsay Rose Hair & Make-up: Becca Gilmartin

You may be asking yourself, who is this handsome fellow you see before you? Why does he look so familiar? Often you read various deconstructions about the science of beauty. Theories on how the symmetry and shapes of facial features play a key role in our subconscious idea of beauty. Take our subject for example. Spend a moment to scan over his portrait and appreciate him - he ticks all the boxes. Dreamy eyes, a strong jaw line, a healthy mane of hair. He definitely possesses a certain movie star quality about him. For those of you curious, his name is Johnny Castrati and he’s been causing quite the stir across Australia’s burlesque scene. Attaining the status of heart throb, you’ll often find Johnny serenading women on stage or speaking of love lost on the open seas. But I’ll let you in on a little secret. Johnny is a fictional character created by comedic actress Lindsay Rose. Yes, you heard me correctly. Johnny Castrati is played by a woman. So we thought it more fitting to ask Lindsay to interview Johnny, to get a sense of the woman behind the man or... um... the man behind the woman? You get what I mean.

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year! After a fab break with family and some very dear friends we are glad to be back in Black for 2013, and this year, we're feeling like we have it all lined up. After cracking out three issues last year, we're planning three more killer issues of Black and a 20th issue 'Best of' book - initially as a digital platform 600 page plus offering but also, perhaps, as a printed version if we can find the right publishing partner. This month, though, we are putting together an exhibition and auction of the pieces of customised, painted, adapted denim - featured in this denim editorial in BLK #18 by Damien Nikora - in partnership with our friends at Service Newmarket, Auckland. For this shoot our friends at Neuw, Lee and Wrangler supplied us with over 30 pairs of jeans, a few denim jackets and even some leather pants. Black fashion director Rachael Churchward then worked with young designers Jessica Grubisa, Blair Hetet and Nina Van Lier and artist Dan Vient to customise the denim, tye-dye, recreate shirts, aprons, hats and in Dan's case turn jeans into artwork for the shoot. We are adding to the base of this collection and will display them as art in Service from mid-January before auctioning the pieces off on Trade Me in Feb. All proceeds will go to the NZ Mental Health Foundation, a cause close to our hearts. Stay tuned and have a great year!