Thursday, October 31, 2013

BLACKlog Editorial #65: David K Shields and Justin Henry shoot Black Beauty with Charlotte and Alex at EMG

On a recent trip to Sydney, Black photographer David K Shields teamed with Black Australian Editor, Melbourne, Justin Henry to shoot fresh faces at EMG Models, Charlotte Gregg and Alex Kelly. Dressed in sweet outfits from hot Aussie label By Johnny, Henry went for a pretty, dusky look and Shields was his usual masterful self with natural light. Photography: David K Shields Hair & Make-up: Justin Henry.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Two sweet friends, one great book - KS x KIBW x DAP

Two friends x 11

Last night Kate Sylvester launched her gorgeous AW 2014 'Two Friends' collection and family members Karen Inderbitzen-Waller and Delphine Avril Planqueel launched their magnificent Smoke and Mirrors book at a double-header event in the label's fab Britomart store. The creme de la creme of Auckland's fashion set turned up, a snazzy jazz band set the scene for the jazz-era inspired collection and all and sundry were treated to fine wines from Huia, ales by Hallertau and the clean stuff from Antipodes water. The store was gutted to accomodate the band and a show that featured a masterful selection of our favourite models who walked, side-by-side through the store before landing on stage to perform something of a jazzy strip show, in a classy way of course. Great 50's/60's make-up by the M.A.C Cosmetics team and hair to match by the team at Stephen Marr. Smoke and Mirrors is available now at Kate Sylvester Britomart and online here. Thanks to all concerned for a stellar evening...all phot s except for the one below by Sam Lee.

Julia Nobis stars in Smoke and Mirrors

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fashion film: Thom Kerr shoots Marthe Wiggers at IMG for BLK #20 by Tasha Tylee

Hello little aliens! Black Australian Editor, Sydney, Thom Kerr decided there was an element of alien to be captured with gorgeous Marthe Wiggers at IMG Sydney for BLK #20, and who are we to disagree! Fashion editor Katrina Sheiles mixed up a concoction of UFO shapes and fine labels, Black Australian Editor, Melbourne, Justin Henry brought forth the beauty and Lindsay Rose was the prop-saucerer. Talented photog Chris Fatseas assisted and Natahsa Tylee made this film, set to Goldfrapp's orbiting tune, 'Lovely Head'. Title: The Carpenters.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dress For Success - every woman succeeding

One of our favourite organisations, Dress For Success, are carrying on the good work, helping women get back into the work force, with confidence. We sat back for a moment and tried to think of a woman who epitomises the essence behind this worthy mindset and lo and behold, Lauren Bacall sprang to mind. During a time when women were sexualised as movie stars, left out of decisions about their own lives, or downtrodden simply as 'her indoors' Lauren stood out as not only a woman of strength but a beacon of style. A woman who knew how to dress for success and hold her own. Dress For Success Auckland are running a competition, in partnership with a number of NZ designers, jewellers, photographers, stylists and boutiques to raise funds and drive awareness. The prize? A package worth over $7,000 from the good people at: Stolen Girlfriends Club, Hailwood, Huffer, Zora Bell Boyd Jewellery, Salasai, DMonic Intent, Deryn Schmidt, Sheryl May, Kingan Jones, Pia Boutique, Jetset Bohemian, twentysevennames, Surface Too Deep, Millicent, Love Hotel, Sara Orme & Anna Caselberg and more. All you have to do, and it is so simple, we did it this afternoon, is make a $3 donation, by texting your name to 4644 and the DFS will text you back with entry details. Let's hear it for every woman succeeding!

BLACKlog Editorial #64: Julie Huang shoots Imogen and Heather at Nova

Emerging Auckland photographer Julie Huang gets up close and pretty with her debut shoot for Blacklog featuring two models from Nova, Imogen Gentles and Heather Hausman. Acting as stylist for the shoot as well, Huang dressed the girls in vintage furs and Meadowlark jewellery whilst both make-up artist Michelle Brindle using M.A.C Cosmetics and hair stylist Levi Wilson at Raven also kept it clean, simple and very pretty.

Monday, October 21, 2013

BLACKlog editorial #63: Chris Fatseas shoots beauty with Alys Hale from Chic

Chris Fatseas demonstrates once again his incredibly unique vision of the world with his latest artistic series entitled 'Nexus' featuring Alys Hale from Chic. Fatseas's explains the pictures in his own words. "It's commentary on the de-materialisation of the fashion store, the decline in physical retail and the rise of online - the symbolism in the racks of empty, transparent hangers (Fashion disappearing in a physical sense) and the disconnected inhuman nature of the online world that we're being absorbed by... humans trans-coded into digital." We invite you to examine the series for yourself. Hair and makeup by Casey Gore and special thanks for assistance provided by Jimmi James Wright and to the coat hangers displayed by Seaton Mckeon.

Terra Sancta's Jackson Block promises to age gracefully

We had a ball celebrating our 20th issue at Golden Dawn last week and just wanted to express our thanks to our partners in the event; The Golden Dawn, Hallertau, Thomson Whisky, DJs Dylan Cherry and Cory Bro and our hands down favourite NZ wine, Terra Sancta. The winery provided a number of cases of their flagship Estate Pinot Noir, Estate Rose and Slapjack Riesling. You know the wine is good when large tracts of the attendees are talking about it as well as drinking it. It seems Australia's number one wine magazine Gourmet Wine Traveller thinks it is pretty decent, too. The Terra Sancta Jackson's Block ranking second equal of all NZ Pinots with a five star score of 97. Says the influential mag: "Concentrated wine with a sumptuous texture, it gradually revealed an array of plum, cherry, blueberry, mixed spice and savoury, nutty flavours as it sat in the glass. Although the wine is certainly accessible now it promises to age gracefully." Another level of accessibility is the price, a sharp NZ $48 a bottle and let's face it, this is quite simply the best wine label ever. It's not just the label, though, check out this amazing ever-so-slightly-Tolkien-ish map of the vineyard. It's official, we have a wine crush!

BEHIND THE SCENES: Jaime Lee 'Light Magic' Campaign by Ted Dana

M.A.C. makeup artist Carol Mackie adds the finishing touches to Tallulah Morton
whilst Thom Kerr adjusts the holographic floor tiling 

On Friday the 13th September (superstitiously good timing) Perth luxury retail centre Claremont Quarter transformed one of their style stop stores into a fairytale wonderland fit for the next instalment of the Jaime Lee saga - the campaign shoot for her new collection Light Magic shot by Black Australian editor Thom Kerr. The following is a photographic diary of the day shot by photographer Ted Dana and helps paint the picture of the live photo session where the public were encouraged to come and watch the magic unfold.

It takes an incredible team to pull together a concept this intricate and we couldn't think of anyone more fitting to face the brand than Tallulah Morton from EMG, whose wild beauty suits both the feminine and adventurous aspects of the Jaime Lee brand. M.A.C. makeup director Carol Mackie created the ethereal silver lavender beauty whilst the structured locks were sculpted by Sharlene Lee of the iconic Western Australian salon Circles of Subiaco. The extraordinary floral set which was transported after the runway show and recreated inside the space was built by the legendary Rebecca Grace from Natural Art Flowers. And the entire shoot was produced by Marcia Ball, the wardrobe stylist behind the uber popular blog Style Voyeur. And let's not forget the helping hands lent by photographers Ben Riches and Dhyan Verco who provided all the equipment courtesy of Chris Huzzards Studio. A massive team for a massive project!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fashion Film: Thom Kerr shoots Gabby Dover at Priscilla's by Amelia J Dowd and Tom Wilson

BLK #20 - Reasons To Be Beautiful - Thom Kerr shoots Gabby Dover by Amelia Dowd and Tom Wilson from Black Magazine on Vimeo.

The day that Thom Kerr, Sarah M Birchley, Amber D, Becca Gilmartin, Amelia J Dowd and Tom Wilson were shooting Gabby Dover at Priscilla's for BLK #20, we were getting regular updates on the shoot online; pre-prod, the arms, the arms, the arms, the make-up, the hair, the styling...a day went past, then a day-and-a-half. We woke up at 5am. Shoot just finished Instagrammed Thom Kerr. Here is the BTS film of that day with Gabby the Trouper by Amelia Dowd and Tom Wilson set to Jimi Hendrix's 'Foxy Lady'.

Friday, October 18, 2013

BLACKlog Editorial #62: Romain Duquesne shoots Olivia Thornton from Chic and Elijah from Priscillas

G-Star supersize shirt
Viktoria + Woods Nikko tee
 Dries Van Noten Pala pant from Poepke
 Stylists rope

Western Australian raised but now Sydney based fashion photographer Romain Duquesne shoots some sensitive portraits of two intriguing faces that have both featured in Black - Olivia Thornton, who features in the current issue #20 in a Dion Lee collage by Mason Mulholland, and Elijah who starred in the David Shields story The Desert March in issue #17. The styling by Samara Wilson features pieces from many of Australia's unique upcoming brands including Melbourne designers Strateas Carlucci, Sydney's Haryono Setiadi and Perth's Zhivago alongside a host of recognisable names such as G-Star and Dr Denim. Hair and makeup courtesy of Deborah Brider from Viviens Creative using Shu Uemura Art of Beauty. Romain Duquesne and Samara Wilson are both represented by Sync Production and Management.

Dr Denim Road sweater
Wayne Cooper jersey tank top

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Glassons sub-brand EDT by Adam Bryce featuring Gisele at Clyne

Really liking what new Glassons designer Kiriana Pettersen has done here with the new Glassons sub-brand EDT which has just been launched. Being BLK, we like that name. This is a sophisticated step forward for Glassons with delicate slip dresses, 100% silk tops and coordinated jacket and skirt sets designed with clean geometric lines. We are also really liking the photography by Adam Bryce, leaps and bounds! EDT is available in store now at the Glassons flagship store in Lambton Quay, Wellington and from Thursday in Auckland and elsewhere. Photography: Adam Bryce Hair: Matt Benns at Stephen Marr using Original & Mineral Make-up: Kie-Kie Stanners for M.A.C Cosmetics Model: Gisele Pletzer at Clyne. Photo assist: Richard Symonds.

Art Week: Workshop Vulcan Lane becomes a gallery of collaboration

L-R: John Pule, Max Gimblett and Luise Fong

Workshop has long been associated with the arts, not just as a supporter of the arts but as a collaborator. To celebrate Art Week Auckland, artist and Workshop extended family member Enu Sirikage has curated a selection of art and fashion meets art pieces spanning this relationship from the late 80's through to today. And there are some big names on show: Max Gimblett, John Reynolds, John Pule, Martin Popplewell, Luise Fong, Darren George and Te Rangitu Netana. If you are in the area, well worth a look - oh, and there are a series of limited edition release t-shirts available, alongside new works by Max Gimblett and Paul Hartigan. Workshop Vulcan Lane, cnr Vulcan Lane and High Street, Auckland. All photos by Sam Lee.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Fashion Film: BLK #20 - Marissa Findlay shoots Tabea and Helena at Red 11, by Lula Cucchiara

BLK #20 - With Thee, I Swing - Marissa Findlay shoots Helena and Tabea by Lula Cucchiara from Black Magazine on Vimeo.

For BLK #20 photographer Marissa Findlay and fashion editor Rachael Churchward combined to create a story that reflected the screen sirens of yesteryear in a contemporary style. Lula Cucchiara captured the BTS vibe in yet another quality fashion film for Black Vimeo. Models Helena Mitchell and Tabea Weyrauch at Red 11 were body painted by Caitlin Lomas for M.A.C Cosmetics. Hair by Matt Benns at Stephen Marr using Original & Mineral, make-up by Carolyn Haslett using M.A.C Cosmetics, nails by Angelica B at M.A.C Cosmetics.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

BLK #20 covers 5&6: Marie Piovesan and Hedvig Palm

Here are the final two covers of Black #20, XX. Marie Piovesan is fierce in House of Holland and DSquared shot by Paul Empson and styled by Sam Ranger whilst Hedvig Palm is wrapped up for the Northern winter in Alexander Wang, shot by Michael Schwartz and styled by Aeri Yun.

Credits for the Hedvig cover (above): Photography: Michael Schwartz Fashion Editor: Aeri Yun
Hair: Rob erto di Cuia at L’Atelier NY  Make-up: Yasuo Yoshikawa at L’Atelier NY
Model: Hedvig Palm at Next Models NY wears: Pea coat and wool knit head warmer by Alexander Wang

Credits for the Marie cover (below): Photography: Paul Empson  Fashion Editor: Sam Ranger
Hair: Colin Gold at Streeters London  Make-up: Karina Constantine at CLM  Model: Marie Poivesan at Select London wears: Shirt by DSquared, jacket by House of Holland

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fashion Film: BLK #20 x Lee Union-Alls x Lela Jacobs

BLACK #20 - Black x Lee x Lela Jacobs - Union-Alls by Lula Cucchiara from Black Magazine on Vimeo.

100 years ago H.D. Lee created the Union-All, a garment which united a jacket and dungarees to cover farm and industrial workers from head-to-toe. For Black Lab in Issue #20 of Black we collaborated with Lee and NZ designer Lela Jacobs to create a version of the Union-All that reflected the can-do attitude intrinsic to the workman, in our style. Our fashion film making friend Lula Cucchiara then took the Union-Alls and shot this fabulous film in the studio of Auckland sculpture artist Martin Selman. Incredible new model at Red 11, Juliette Perkins stars in the Union-Alls, singlet by Stolen Girlfriends Club and platform sneakers by Kobe Husk. H&M: Sophy Phillips at Stephen Marr using Original & Mineral. Assist: Ash Mosen Music: 'If I Had A Heart' by Fever Ray.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

BLACKlog Editorial #61: Adam Bryce shoots Gina M at Red 11

Blazer by Georgia Alice, pants by Zambesi
Electro-sport-pop! Adam Bryce gets in and out of registration with an element of electric rainbow lighting/effects in this new Blacklog editorial featuring Gina M at Red 11. Gina wears: Zambesi, Karen Walker Eyewear, See by Chloe, Acne, Glassons, adidas and Georgia Alice. Styling: Sebastian Hunt and Dylan Richards. H&M: Shane Cyrus. Photo assists: Andrei Blidarean and Richard Symons.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fashion Film: Karen Inderbitzen-Waller shoots Amanda at Clyne by Delphine Planqueel

BLK #20 - Refuge of the Road - Karen Inderbitzen-Waller shoots Amanda Nimmo by Delphine Avril Planqueel from Black Magazine on Vimeo.

For BLK #20, Karen Inderbitzen-Waller and Delphine Avril Planqueel went south to the Waikato River region to shoot Amanda Nimmo at Clyne. Karen's aesthetic is perfectly captured in this film by Delphine amidst semi-commercial spaces, bridges, fields, the riverside and a logging yard at work. Styling by: Karen and Delphine H&M: Shirley Simpson using M.A.C Cosmetics and Original & Mineral. Music: Blackwell by Beack and School Swarm Orchestra by The Knife & Planningtorock.

Black #20 covers 3 & 4 - Codie Young and Magda Laguigne

Advanced copies of BLK #20 will be on sale at Mag Nation tomorrow afternoon so here are the next two covers. Codie Young is a three time veteran of Black Magazine so it is great to have her on a cover, shot by Andy Eaton and styled by our UK editor Sara Dunn looking fine in this Burberry coat. For Magda Laguigne's cover and editorial David K Shields took to the streets of Paris and stylist Alina Caraman dressed her throughout in gorgeous SS13 Christian Dior Haute Couture.

Credits for the Codie cover (above):  Photography: Andy Eaton  Fashion Editor: Sara Dunn at Clicks & Contacts  Hair: Jun Goto using Bumble & Bumble  Make-up: Shama using M.A.C Cosmetics
Model: Codie Young at Viva London wears: Latex trench coat and metal belt by Burberry, earrings Maria Francesca Pepe

Credits for the Magda cover (below):  Photography: David K Shields  Fashion Editor: Alina Caraman
Hair: Kezue Deki at Calliste Paris  Make-up: Marie Lanne at Calliste Paris  Model: Magda Laguigne at Next Paris wears: Dress by Christian Dior Haute Couture

Blacklog Exclusive Preview: JUST LIKE HONEY: Gail Sorronda Tran Seasonal Collection 2013 / 2014

Milk & Honey Pant featuring the Michael Zavros print

Gail Sorronda continues to be one of Australia's most unique designers and her latest collection entitled Just Like Honey validates the kudos once again. This season, of the 30 plus pieces, 11 of them feature intricate bee prints which was the result of a collaboration with celebrated Australian artist Michael Zavros. We interviewed Gail to find out more about the development process behind Just Like Honey and are excited to share with you an exclusive preview of the images shot by Megan Cullen featuring Olivia from Viviens Model Management.

Honeypot Dress

Thursday, October 3, 2013

BLK #20 Covers 1 & 2 - Katlin Aas and Ruby Jean Wilson

At 340 pages Black #20 is our biggest ever issue so we are publishing six covers to celebrate! Working with our Art Director Ian Ferguson at Friends of Design we also changed the masthead to reflect an element of sophistication suitable for our ascension into fully fledged adulthood! Here are our first two covers, Katlin Aas and Ruby Jean Wilson. We've been searching for attitude this issue, an element of Ally Sheedy's character Allison Reynolds in The Breakfast Club or just a look that says "I know who I am and I know where I'm going."

Credits for the Katlin cover (above): Photography: Paul Empson  Fashion Editor: June Nakamoto at Shotview  Hair: Paolo Ferreira at Calliste Paris  Make-up: Topolino at Calliste Paris  Model: Katlin Aas at IMG Paris Katlin wears: Dress and sweater by Prada, belt by Kiliwatch, silver rings and cross earrings by Dary’s, cross rings by Bijules, multi-chain necklace by Versace. 

Credits for the Ruby Jean cover (below): Photography: Thom Kerr at Independent Artist Management Fashion Editor: Emma Read at Independent Artist Management  Hair: Iggy using Kevin.Murphy Make-up: James Molloy for M.A.C Cosmetics  Model: Ruby Jean Wilson at Priscilla’s Ruby Jean wears: Leather harness top by Ksubi, choker by Man

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Black Vimeo Fashion Film - This Is Not a Song, It's an Outburst - Thom Kerr shoots Rui and Charlee

Indigenous to Australia, New Zealand and Serbia, Ruanui Dalton at Dally's/Chic and Charlee Frazer at EMG look a perfect pair at Bondi Beach, Australasia's most famous stretch of white sand. In this enlightening BTS film Tasha Tylee captures Black Australian Editors Thom Kerr and Justin Henry at work with stylist Monique Moynahan, shooting Rui and Charlee in 'This Is not a Song, It's an Outburst'. Assist: Chris Fatseas. The tune, an all-time classic, 'Got To Give It Up' by Marvin Gaye.