Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fashion Film: BLK #20 x Lee Union-Alls x Lela Jacobs

BLACK #20 - Black x Lee x Lela Jacobs - Union-Alls by Lula Cucchiara from Black Magazine on Vimeo.

100 years ago H.D. Lee created the Union-All, a garment which united a jacket and dungarees to cover farm and industrial workers from head-to-toe. For Black Lab in Issue #20 of Black we collaborated with Lee and NZ designer Lela Jacobs to create a version of the Union-All that reflected the can-do attitude intrinsic to the workman, in our style. Our fashion film making friend Lula Cucchiara then took the Union-Alls and shot this fabulous film in the studio of Auckland sculpture artist Martin Selman. Incredible new model at Red 11, Juliette Perkins stars in the Union-Alls, singlet by Stolen Girlfriends Club and platform sneakers by Kobe Husk. H&M: Sophy Phillips at Stephen Marr using Original & Mineral. Assist: Ash Mosen Music: 'If I Had A Heart' by Fever Ray.