Friday, January 27, 2012

BLACKLOG EDITORIAL #21: Gianluca Santoro shoots Robyn Lawley

Top and choker by Emporio Armani, corset and heels by House of Priscilla, ring by Gucci

Robyn Lawley has graced the pages of Vogue Italia, French Elle and many other magazines in recent times. She is larger in 'size' than your average fashion model but this really means very little as, quite simply, she is hot and we love her. Photography by Gianluca Santoro and fashion by Tiana Wallace @ Viviens Creative, make-up by Natasha Severino @ Company 1 for YSL Beaute, hair by NZ's own Richard Kavanagh @ DLM for Redken NYC, assistant: Eric Altomare, all in a truly 'Black' style. Look out for an interview with Robyn in issue #16 of Black...
Left: Vintage dress from The Vintage Clothing Store, briefs by Nearly Nude,
bra by Pleasure State, harness by Scanlan and Theodore, boots by Friend of Mine

Georgia's Not So Little Secret

New Zealand model followers will probably know by now that Kiwi model Georgia Fowler, recently signed to N Model Management here in Aotearoa, has shot for Victoria's Secret. This is no small feat given the particular, almost obsessive nature of the VS casting process. "Picture perfect' girls are required so congrats must go to the 19 year-old NZ beauty for making the grade, bigger things await...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Topshop Spring/Summer 2012 Campaign

A definite king in the retail department, Topshop share their Spring/Summer 2012 campaign images with us photographed by Josh Olins.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BLACKLOG EDITORIAL # 20: "Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo" Inside the World of Tango by Calypso Paoli

One of Auckland's gems, hidden inside Little High Street's arcade is the notorious vintage store, Tango. Tango's pieces are sourced and curated from all over of world, including New Zealand, by owner Driss Lambaraa from Morocco. The store boasts a 30 year collection, seeing Driss traveling back to Europe every year, visiting markets and auctions to add to his collection. He has a true love for vintage jewellery, clothing, accessories, furniture and art work from every era and is a claimed 'connoisseur' in everything vintage. Tango also supplies many pieces to films made here in New Zealand and to local stylists for various magazines.

To celebrate some of the found treasures inside Tango's world, Zach Robertson and Isaac Silva Looker at N Model Management were adorned in western leather and American denim, channeling films such as The Good the Bad and the Ugly, classic Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns and inspirational actors such as Clint Eastwood and James Dean; Giant and Rebel Without a Cause. Photographed by Calypso Paoli and styled by Yasmine Ganley. All clothing and jewellery from Tango.

Monday, January 16, 2012

BLK #16: Paul Empson and Sam Ranger shoot Valerija Kelava in London

Valerija for NY Time's T Mag by Richard Burbridge
As the new year kicks in we're pleased to say our third fashion editorial for BLK #16 has been completed in London. Photographer Paul Empson and fashion editor Sam Ranger have shot one of the great rock'n'roll models of our time, Valerija Kelava. Kelava, a favourite of Paolo Roversi, David Sims and Glen Luchford among others exudes a devil-may-care androgeny that Patti Smith would be proud of. She crosses boundaries by simply being Valerija Kelava which is perhaps why Tai Missoni looks so comfortable with her (below). BLK #16 out end of April...

Tai Missoni and Valerija by Jurgen Teller for Missoni campaign 2011

Monday, January 9, 2012

Photo Essay: Little Odessa by Adam Custins and Valery Gherman - The Beach

Boardwalk Empire, Brighton Beach styles...

Photo Essay: Little Odessa by Adam Custins and Valery Gherman - People

There are times when we wish Black was a 1000-page magazine so that we could actually publish all of the fantastic work our contributors deliver. It is an economy of scale of course, but here online there are no limits. Over two posts here is Adam Custins and Valery Gherman's splendid day on Brighton Beach, which we could only dedicate six pages to in BLK #15. Gherman, Black's New York Editor was born in Odessa in the Ukraine before first immigrating to New Zealand and then New York. Brighton Beach, on the south-western tip of Long Island is known as 'Little Odessa' because of the proliferation of Ukrainians and as these pictures show, many more nations. Here are the people they encountered on that day, a multi-national sea of Speedos, tans and sunshine captured by Custins' quiver of instant cameras and film stocks - including Impossible Project. Intro by Valery Gherman.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

We'd like to make an introduction, or two...

Every issue of Black we like to give our art director, Ian Ferguson at Friends Of Design, a little room to play with the opening pages. Ian's art direction, in partnership with creative director Rachael Churchward, and the editors, is a moveable creative feast each issue - rules are 'no rules' - yet the overall template remains largely analogous. Here, in no particular order are the opening pages of the fashion and beauty shoots as they appear in BLK #15...

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!

The sun has set on 2011 - although anyone living in New Zealand will know that this photo wasn't taken on New Year's Eve - and Twenty Twelve is rolling in. As you may have noticed we have been taking a much needed break with family, friends and a lot of great TV series (Homeland, incredible; Dexter, still good; Game of Thrones, got better and better). 2012 is going to be an exciting year for us here at Black Magazine. We are going to three issues per year, will be publishing Black on three different digital platforms and we are planning a larger online presence all round. Wherever you are, whatever your weather, we hope you have a happy new year. Grant & Rachael x