Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In This Neck Of The Woods; GM for Lee

There has always been something of the bush ranger - a touch of the hirsute, itinerant Ned Kelly, the outsider walking gun-in-hand between the Eucalyptus and burning campfire - to Gareth Lauchlan Moody's fashion explorations. His influence on early Ksubi is legendary but it is really his absolute Australian-ness, seeping from every pore of his brilliant Chronicles of Never label that has really stamped a mark as a real design and conceptual talent. Clever then, that Lee, one of the world's great denim brands, opted to partner up with Moody to create a new line that celebrates the ethos of Chronicles and repositions that design thinking in a killer new range, GM for Lee. Here's the film to launch the collaboration, shot over several days in where else, but the Australian bush...

When 2D and Noodle met Chuck

Always a sucker for a good colab, Converse's iconic All Star brand might just have hit the nail on the head with their latest friendship, the Damon Albarn-led Gorillaz. Created from day one as an amalgam of music and design/animation, the Gorillaz have always leant heavily on the artistic skills of co-creator Jamie Hewlett, whose psuedo-fictional ensemble of 2D (lead vocalist, keyboard, and melodica), Murdoc Niccals (bass guitar and drum machine), Noodle (guitar, keyboard, and occasional vocals) and Russel Hobbs (drums and percussion) is quite simply a graphic masterpiece. The Gorillaz Chucks will be in store in March at Qubic Store Newmarket, Real Groovy - Amazon, Pat Menzies Auckland, Banks Shoe Lower Hutt, Inferno Whangarei and Void Dunedin. Perfect footwear for your Plastic Beach...

Friday, February 24, 2012

BLK #16 - On set: Mariah Jelena shoots Andrej Pejic

In 2008, Chadwick Models in Sydney sent us digis of a brand new, androgynous model called Andrej Pejic. We instantly fell in love with his incredible beauty and asked if they would fly him in for a shoot. The agency agreed and the editorial shot by Russ Flatt appeared in Issue 9 of Black. It was one of the first two shoots ever published of Andrej and he has since gone on to take the modelling world by storm, currently ranked #18 in the world of male modelling by When the opportunity to shoot a cover, editorial and interview with Andrej for issue #16 of Black arose, we again, jumped at the chance. Photographer Mariah Jelena, stylist Kate Carnegie and hair/make-up maestro Justin Henry completed the shoot last week in Sydney and we are pretty excited about it. Here are some exclusive behind-the-scenes images from the shoot.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Interview with Model Renee Peters featured in Black #16

About to be featured in the next issue of Black magazine #16 is Red 11 model Renee Peters from NYC. We loved her so much we shot with her twice at Kingsize Studios with NZ photographer Russ Flatt. Here are some out takes of the Nashville model and Black team hard at work! We also got a little interview with the lovely Renee which you can read below!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Black NY Editor Valery Gherman's adventures with lions and (swimsuited) lionesses for Sports Illustrated's 2012 Swimsuit Issue

When it comes to sheer numbers looking at an editorial, it doesn't come much bigger than Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit issue, ask, er, Rachel Hunter. The video linked below has already received several billion impressions, as have the other behind-the-scenes videos on the S.I site and that is just for behind-the-scenes video clips. Black Magazine's New York editor Valery Gherman is the make-up artist alongside photographer Derek Kettela (who has shot six Black Magazine covers and delivered at least as many editorials) on several of the shoots with this year's models including; Irina Shayk, Kirby Griffen, Genevieve Morton and Cintia Dicker. Valery sent through the picture above during the shoot in Zambia - it was of course embargoed until now - and he clearly knows how to steer a white lion through the Zambian bush! Proud of you V!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Richard Kavanagh hair directs Tribune Standard AW 2012 show at NYFW

Models prepped for a little 'bellringing' - photo: Ben Hider

After many years working with hair legend Guido at numerous fashion weeks around the world it was great to see Richard Kavanagh, Creative Director for Rodney Wayne - and he of the superbly tattooed sleeves - last week directing hair for Tawfik Mounayer's Tribune Standard show at NYFW. Mounayer has been a right-hand man to Izaac Mizrahi among others and is high on the radar of US Vogue who love to champion a new designer or two each season. This season in New York Tribune Standard was 'hot' enough to be given the unique opportunity to ring the New York Stock Exchange bell to announce the end of the week's trading, and the end of fashion week - a moment possibly viewed by a not insubstantial audience of 100,000,000 on CNN - replete with models dressed in TS and adorned with Kavanagh's signature knotted hair for the event. Nice work Richard and congrats on your first NYFW show as hair director...
Update: It transpires that Black NY editor Valery Gherman was also the make-up director on this show. Go the Kiwis!

At the NYSE - hair by Richard Kavanagh - photo: Ben Hider

BLACKLOG EDITORIAL #23: Bente Hansen by Greg Novak

German model Bente Hansen flew into Auckland recently for a weekend of shooting. Photographer Greg Novak took the opportunity to team with stylist Chris Lorimer to capture her angular beauty for Blacklog. Hair and make-up by Sky Cripps-Jackson at Stephen Marr.

Shop One Night - This Thursday

Deadly Ponies/Viva bag
For those with a penchant for an online shopping bargain this Thursday night represents a landmark moment with the staging of NZ's first one-night-only online shopping event entitled Shop One Night. Instigated by online shopping site Shop What's New, a broad selection of NZ designers and fashionistas have collaborated to offer special one-off deals and creations at remarkable prices between 5pm and midnight, this Thursday only. Like a massive online NZ pop up store Shop One Night mirrors a global phenomenon created initially by US Vogue when the stalwart created Vogue's Fashion Night Out, which upon going online, became Vogue's Fashion Night In. Shoe designer Kathryn Wilson collaborating with Shorty Street star Kimberley Crossman and jewellery designer Boh Runga is just one example of the many colabs, offers, value-added gifts and demon prices on offer so visit the site and stand by on Thursday with your credit/debit cards to get the bargains and one-off gems...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

BLACKLOG EDITORIAL #22: Mary at KHM/RPD by David K Shields

Vintage blue rabbit fur jacket from Tango
Leather lace-up top by One Teaspoon
We love the way photographer David K Shields effortlessly brings out the best in models. Mary Maguet at KHM/RPD is present and glowing in this Blacklog editorial, styled by our good friend Ana McDonald.  Mary wears Zambesi, Kiri Nathan, One Teaspoon, Andrea Moore, Wunderkammer Jewellery, Peter Lang and a selection of pieces from Tango. Make-up by Stacy Lee-Ghin and hair by Derek Aaron Young.
Korowai by Kiri Nathan, silk dress from Modes

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On Set: Ryder Salon Blacklog Editorial behind-the-scenes by Grant Fell

Virginia Carde's deft touch on Rosie's eyelid

Yesterday we shot with photographer Damien Van der Vlist - back in New Zealand after setting up camp in London - and the crew from Ryder Salon to capturing looks that are indicative of the salon's style. In late May Ryder Salon is joining the migration down to the Britomart precinct, a development which is giving Auckland a long overdue make-over in a town planning sense. Peter Cooper and his development organisation Cooper & Company should take a well-deserved bow for the style and quality the area now exudes; brilliant vision and town planning at its best. Rachael Churchward styled six models; Rhianon at KHM, Rosie at Nova, Ella, Felix and Seth at 62 and Lily at Clyne, whilst Virginia Carde weaved her inimitable magic with make-up. Hair of course by Greg Murrell with assistance from talented Ryder Salon stylists Nicholas Macaulay and Kerry. Grant Fell spent the afternoon generally getting in the way and taking these behind-the-scenes images. Watch this space over the next few weeks for the full editorial images from the day.

Nicholas Macaulay's final touches on Lily's hair.
Lily wears: Trenchcoat by Helen Cherry, shirt and tie by Workshop Denim

Friday, February 10, 2012

Casting, casting, casting

Asena at 62 Models: Photo- Charles Howells
For the past week we have spent quite a bit of time casting for BLK #16 and a number of other projects across six out of the seven main agencies in Auckland; Clyne, Nova, 62 Models, Red 11, KHM and N. Model Management. The brief was to see as many new faces as possible and we have to say we're excited by what we have seen. The level of great, interesting new models has been a step up from previous years with plenty of different faces and figures for different projects. Here is small selection of some of the brand new faces that we have been loving this week. Many more will appear in Black Magazine, here on Blacklog or across the various projects our company BLK NZ Ltd has under way. Thanks to all of the agencies, the models who attended, and Charles Howells who turned up with camera and lighting kit to most of the castings. Beautiful kids of Aotearoa everywhere!

Laura N at Red11: Photo - Charles Howells
Lily at Clyne: Photo - Charles Howells

Sunday, February 5, 2012

BLK #16: Darren McDonald and Paul Bui shoot Emily Jean

Emily Jean test above and below by Zachary Handley
The shoots are rolling in for BLK #16, six complete with eight more under way - love a packed shooting schedule! The week before last our Australian senior fashion editor Paul Bui teamed once again with Darren McDonald to shoot soon-to-be-big Emily Jean at Chic Sydney. She has fabulous bone structure and in the few shots we have seen of her to date - including the shots by Darren and Paul - it is clear the camera clearly 'loves' her. Keep an eye out for her at New York Fashion Week.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Elliot Ward-Fear AW 2012 'Flame' collection - shot by Thom Kerr and starring Liv O'Driscoll

Drawing inspiration from "ancient Chinese warriors, medieval battle armour and 1970's science-fiction heroines", Elliot Ward-Fear's AW 2012 collection, aptly entitled 'Flame' supports the belief of many that Ward-fear is a fashion superstar in the making. The collection is comprised of one-off, made to order separates and features luxurious fabrications including Japanese fabric paper, gold lame, double-knot ponte, moleskin and a brushed suiting-grade wool/cashmere blend. One of the designer's signature notions with each range is the development of a character that Ward-Fear feels embodies the spirit of each collection's aesthetic. 'Flames' protagonist is an ancient warrior Princess, brought to life in this space-age rendition by NZ model Liv O'Driscoll (at Chadwick/Red 11/MHI) and shot by Sydney-based Black photographer Thom Kerr. Stylist Cassandra Scott-Finn who collaborated with Kerr on the fabulous God In An Alcove shoot in the latest issue of Black styles up a storm, turning O'Driscoll into a "futuristic battle-ready bombshell" with make-up by Becca Gilmartin and hair by Lauren McCowan. Assistants on the shoot were Anastasia Spathis and Brian Le. From cut-out mini-dresses, cropped lace-up tops and jackets to high-waisted pants or embellished arm and leg guards, Ward-Fear displays his own unique vision of a fashion future, right now.