Monday, February 20, 2012

Richard Kavanagh hair directs Tribune Standard AW 2012 show at NYFW

Models prepped for a little 'bellringing' - photo: Ben Hider

After many years working with hair legend Guido at numerous fashion weeks around the world it was great to see Richard Kavanagh, Creative Director for Rodney Wayne - and he of the superbly tattooed sleeves - last week directing hair for Tawfik Mounayer's Tribune Standard show at NYFW. Mounayer has been a right-hand man to Izaac Mizrahi among others and is high on the radar of US Vogue who love to champion a new designer or two each season. This season in New York Tribune Standard was 'hot' enough to be given the unique opportunity to ring the New York Stock Exchange bell to announce the end of the week's trading, and the end of fashion week - a moment possibly viewed by a not insubstantial audience of 100,000,000 on CNN - replete with models dressed in TS and adorned with Kavanagh's signature knotted hair for the event. Nice work Richard and congrats on your first NYFW show as hair director...
Update: It transpires that Black NY editor Valery Gherman was also the make-up director on this show. Go the Kiwis!

At the NYSE - hair by Richard Kavanagh - photo: Ben Hider