Friday, February 10, 2012

Casting, casting, casting

Asena at 62 Models: Photo- Charles Howells
For the past week we have spent quite a bit of time casting for BLK #16 and a number of other projects across six out of the seven main agencies in Auckland; Clyne, Nova, 62 Models, Red 11, KHM and N. Model Management. The brief was to see as many new faces as possible and we have to say we're excited by what we have seen. The level of great, interesting new models has been a step up from previous years with plenty of different faces and figures for different projects. Here is small selection of some of the brand new faces that we have been loving this week. Many more will appear in Black Magazine, here on Blacklog or across the various projects our company BLK NZ Ltd has under way. Thanks to all of the agencies, the models who attended, and Charles Howells who turned up with camera and lighting kit to most of the castings. Beautiful kids of Aotearoa everywhere!

Laura N at Red11: Photo - Charles Howells
Lily at Clyne: Photo - Charles Howells

Seth at 62 Models: Photo - Charles Howells
Grace at N Model Management
Kirsten at KHM Models
Maxi at N. Model Management
Mickey at N.Model Management