Friday, June 24, 2011

Karen Walker's amazing Japanese fans

In this social network driven world of 'friends, likes and fans' it is both refreshing and endearing to discover the type of fans New Zealand designer Karen Walker has attracted in Japan in particular. So fervent are these followers that they regularly send Karen beautifully crafted hand-made presents as a token of their appreciation for her designs and the label in general. Some of the messages and images are impossibly cute, some detailed excursions into the active and creative minds of the fans, others personal travel stories - Karen Walker on tour. We asked Kate at Karen Walker to scan a few of these fabulously creative gifts so we could present them to you here on Blacklog. Enjoy...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

BLACKLOG EDITORIAL #13: Lady Got The Blues by David K. Shields

On a recent sojourn to Sydney, Black photographer David K. Shields teamed up with stylist Cassandra Scott-Finn to shoot Eva at The Agency. Melbournian Scott-Finn's background includes a stint as assistant to Brana Woolf, editor-at-large for US Harpers Bazaar. Hair & make-up artist Sinden Dean has fashioned a glittering career working with Madonna, Kylie and Britney among others whilst Eva is yet another beautiful face from the impressive Sydney boutique model house The Agency.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Face: Rose at KHM Models

It's always interesting to shoot someone for the first time, particularly if they have never appeared in front of a camera before. This was Rose's first ever photo shoot and photographer Russ Flatt discovered very quickly that the camera loves her.

Photography: Russ Flatt
Fashion editor: Rachael Churchward
Hair & make-up: Natalie Dent using M.A.C Cosmetics
Rose wears: Karen Walker, Topshop and Glassons

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Face: Dakota at KHM Models

Dakota at Kimberly Hill Management (KHM Models) isn't really a 'new face' if you watched last season's series of NZ Next Top Model. Forget all of the dramas and tantrums of reality TV, Dakota arrived at our door with a smile on her face, an open mind and a fantastic personality to boot. Maori (TÅ«hoe) and Italian lineage informs an interesting whakapapa. Her awareness, personality and engaging humour enamoured us and recent moments on The Jono Show suggest Dakota has TV and modelling skills to burn...

Photography: Russ Flatt
Fashion editor: Rachael Churchward
Hair & make-up: Natalie Dent using M.A.C Cosmetics

Wanted: (Alive, thanks) Mulholland

Fans of independent NZ music will need little introduction to Jolyon Mulholland. The former lead singer of Motocade and current member of The Mots - both of which also feature the considerable talents of his brothers Eden and Will - will release his new album Eugene Told Me You Were Dead on Monday. Neil Finn once described Jol as "one of the most talented guys I know - he's got talent exuding from every pore" and listening through "Eugene" it is easy to see where the Kiwi music great is coming from. Recorded in a "small North Shore bedroom" (perhaps if it was big he might have gone too Phil Spector on it!) and mixed at Finn's Roundhouse Studios before being mastered in the land of Oz, the album is a pop sensation in the nicest way.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Interview: Jane Robertson of Bird Boutique

Photo: Deb Smith
If there is a sartorial oasis in the middle of Hamilton, as incongruous as that may sound, it is Casabella Lane, off Barton Street in the city centre. For a region better known for cowbells, woollen singlets and gumboots, Jane Robertson's three fab stores; Bird Boutique, Maude and The Clothes Horse provide welcome relief and do much in their own way to beautify the city. Readers of Black issue 12 may have read of Jane's importance to the Zambesi label before love took her to the Waikato.

Black: Jane, why Hamilton?

Jane Robertson: After spending 25 years living in Auckland, I moved to Hamilton late 2005 for marriage reasons and I soon realised the need for a beautiful women's fashion store.

B: Tell us about your long term relationship with Liz and Neville Findlay and the Zambesi label.

JR. I started working for Liz and Neville Findlay in the late 70's and part way through the 80's. It was such an incredible time, the economy was very buoyant. Liz and Neville had started wholesaling the Zambesi brand to exclusive stores around NZ. Liz was very inspired by Japanese fashion, its designers, their construction and use of fabric and she travelled regularly to Japan. Zambesi is such an iconic New Zealand brand, it's so genius....sophisticated in a very edgy timeless way. You really get so much pleasure wearing their pieces. It's not about dotting I's and crossing T's. Talking about my time working for the Findlays and Zambesi conjures up quite a few was a real sense of belonging, they were like family. I feel like their ambassador. It's such a priviledge to have 'Zambesi' at 'Bird'.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Men's Department poses a modelling question

Everyone knows that models are posers, right? That is, at the behest of a photographer or stylist they are asked to affect a certain stance, or pose. Interestingly, the difference between good posing and bad posing is more substantial than most realise and many good fashion editorials have been rendered 'bad' by overwrought, awkward or plain incomprehensible poses. The lavishly-titled Men's Department School of Modelling know this and have started a tongue-firmly-planted-in-cheek competition to see if you can come up with alternate poses to those so expertly practiced by Michael Whittaker (above). The best will be published on the Men's Department FB page and the first choice wins a Top Man Skinny Black suit - as worn by Michael, above. So come on poseurs; shoot, name and email your entry to: 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Black #14: Digital Version live now on Zinio

For the eighth issue in a row, a digital version of Black Magazine is now available via Zinio. The sub price of NZ $15 is good value if you are into reading mags on your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone et al. All you have to do is download the free Zinio reader purchase and download the file, and away you go. Here's an unpublished, adorable image from the issue to start your weekend. Pup Star, Zeka Murrell-Williams @ Ryder features, photo by Russ Flatt. Also available on Android from early next week.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Black #14: Fashion & Beauty Editorial Title Pages

Black #14 has been on sale here in NZ for a week now and it feels good. Thanks so much for the positive feedback and 5th birthday wishes. This issue, founding Black art director Ian Ferguson fell in love with a font called Stag, and so did we. Here's the opening spread from each of the fashion and beauty editorials in the issue. The Zinio version will be available online shortly...will keep you updated...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Playing In The Park with Karen Walker

We popped along to the well-populated opening of Playpark by Karen Walker last Friday and aside from it being a swell party, we were impressed with the set-up of the new store. Some hand-picked new brands; Cacharel, Hunter footwear, Julie Rofman and Kate Hillier jewellery (and soon, Eddie Borgo?), Fred Perry Laurel Wreath, Rittenhouse et al are added to the entire family of KW brands inclcuding Beau Coops for Karen Walker. Karen's ever-present horsey is there nestled amongst the jungle gyms (yes, climbing apparatus!) in a spacious store that gives new weight to a trip to Nuffield Street, Newmarket. First class Karen Walker! Here's a few images from the night by photographer Rebekah Farrell - including the smorgasbord of delicious sweets that had punters hovering all night...

Deadly Ponies Shine Online

New Zealand-based accessories label Deadly Ponies have been building a solid reputation for some time as a world class designer and producer of accessories and jewellery. For their many fans in Australia and further abroad, good news then that they have launched an online store meaning you can now buy Deadly Ponies wherever you live in the world.  Says DP's Liam Bowden: “After years of shying away from direct sales to customers, over the last year we have been bombarded with on-to-it customers phoning us directly and begging us to make them a sold-out bag. I decided that the time had come to give loyal DP followers more direct access to our products.” The new website pays homage to Liam's artisan roots with a mood board style layout and descriptors for each DP offering. To celebrate the launch of the online store we have two Deadly Ponies silver bow rings (above) to give away on our Facebook page.  The offer is open to Black online followers anywhere in the world.