Thursday, June 2, 2011

Deadly Ponies Shine Online

New Zealand-based accessories label Deadly Ponies have been building a solid reputation for some time as a world class designer and producer of accessories and jewellery. For their many fans in Australia and further abroad, good news then that they have launched an online store meaning you can now buy Deadly Ponies wherever you live in the world.  Says DP's Liam Bowden: “After years of shying away from direct sales to customers, over the last year we have been bombarded with on-to-it customers phoning us directly and begging us to make them a sold-out bag. I decided that the time had come to give loyal DP followers more direct access to our products.” The new website pays homage to Liam's artisan roots with a mood board style layout and descriptors for each DP offering. To celebrate the launch of the online store we have two Deadly Ponies silver bow rings (above) to give away on our Facebook page.  The offer is open to Black online followers anywhere in the world.