Friday, April 30, 2010

Black 12 - Paul Empson shoots Masha Novoselova in Paris

Can't wait to catch up with Paul Empson this week. Here, he shoots Masha Novoselova, styling by the inimitable June Nakamoto, hair by Romina Maneti, make-up by Tina Roivainen.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Black 12 - Michael Schwartz shoots Alana in New York

Here's our cover girl Alana Zimmer shot by Michael Schwartz, styled by Elizabeth Sulcer, make-up by Valery Gherman and hair by Tuan Anh Tran.

Black 12 - Michael Schwartz shoots Sharon in L.A

Well we're happy to say that Black 12 is now at the premises of our esteemed printer McCollams in Auckland's Mairangi Bay. It's nice to smell the ink again. Sorry we haven't blogged a lot lately, we simply haven't had the time. The mag will be on sale around Auckland next weekend and nationwide the following Monday. Next week, we are going to Rosemount Australian Fashion Week as guests of Mac Cosmetics. There are some great designers showing over the ditch so we'll blog as often as possible. In the meantime, here's a few spreads from the issue, we'll post a cover on the weekend.

This image is from a spread by New York photographer Michael Schwartz. Shot in L.A, in a park at night with model Sharon Van der Pas. It features styling by Tasha Cain, hair by Martin-Christopher Harper and make-up by Carolina Deli-Tesch.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Black 12 - Russ Flatt and Rachael Churchward 20 pager

We go to print next week with Black 12, and we're quietly excited about it. It's a solid issue with a certain amount of fierceness in the fashion, H&M and modelling and in many places is bravely, proudly, black & white. Not this shoot though, the biggest we have yet run in Black at 20 pages and a sunburst of colour all round. Photographer Russ Flatt, Black fashion director Rachael Churchward, hair editor Greg Murrell and make-up artist Margo Regan shot a selection of New Zealand's newest, freshest models over three days in Auckland's Waitakere region. The beautiful youth of Aotearoa... We will pop up a cover and a couple of other images next week.

No Soho, No Mojo...

We've fallen in love with local wine label Soho. The brainchild of Rachael (with an A!) Carter, Soho is a quality collection of wine that embodies a passion for life and entertainment, and like Carter herself, has more than a passing interest in all things fashionable. The wines themselves are distinctive and premium, created by specialists in their realm. Grant Taylor, the Godfather of NZ Pinot Noir who has been nominated the world's best Pinot Noir maker not once, but twice, is, you guessed it, behind the sumptuous Pinot. Winemakers like Dave Clouston, Pete Turner and Russell Wiggins account for the equally yummy other varieties in the range with a new Syrah from Waiheke, the Valentino Syrah, the eight Soho wine, due shortly. We are particularly interested by Soho's marketing and positioning strategy which draws upon the Soho crew's love of fashion. Wines are named after the style and design of some of the world's best designers; look out for the McQueen Couture Pinot which represents Grant Taylor at the top of his game and the billboard campaign and ad in the upcoming issue of Black which showcases the loveliness of this amalgamation between two of the world's most stylish industries - fashion and wine.

We have 2 x two packs of Soho Wines to give away to Blacklog readers - a McQueen Pinot and a Marlborough Sav. The first people to email with the words; No Soho, no Mojo in the subject line and a delivery address (NZ readers only sorry and 18 years +) will win themselves a classy tipple.

The Spark That Shines

Converse, that global purveyor of sneakers and all things sole-ful has launched a new online creative initiative called "Spark." Aimed at developing creative talent from rising artists and musicians around the world it is already taking shape as an interesting amalgam of artistic expression. Twenty-four global artists from a diverse range of places will feature their work on the Converse Spark site and many are experimental or just plain unique in nature. Of the five or six online so far we particularly like the mad Mexican muso Ulises (above). Most of the films are really well made, and going through them is like a wee trip around the globe - an insight into them and their culture. Keep an eye on them as they are posted here.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Huffer Pop!

The Huffer crew are staging a bit of a pop-up store this Saturday, starting, apparently, at 3.33am. Much later, at 7pm, Clap Clap Riot will play accompanied by DJ TV Stevie. We've just completed a 6 page interview and story with the guys for Black 12 and one of the topics we discussed was a shoe range called ToBe which they're pretty excited about. The range was created in Wellington and built in Indonesia using premium Wanganui leathers and the three guys behind the label will be in attendance on Saturday, along with the shoes of course. So pop along to the Huffer/ToBe store on Saturday but maybe have some breakfast first and wait until it is daylight!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Workshop BMW show 4: Christchurch

Elza and Nellie both at Ali McD

Harriet and Clare @ Portfolio

The day presented a few challenges but the evening at Jeff Gray BMW Christchurch, went without a hitch. The local MAC make-up crew and True Grit Hair Spa provided great looks and the models from Ali McD and Portfolio rocked the catwalk. We also developed a new affection for Allan Scott's 2008 Pinot Noir! Thanks to Matt and the crew at the dealership for being so accommodating, Pip and Greg at BMW and of course Chris & Helen Cherry and Rebekah at RCM.
Below: Clementine & Katie @ Portfolio

Mary @ Ali McD

Felix @ Ali McD

Tom & Kayleigh @ Ali McD

Oliver and Jonah @ Portfolio

Ilish @ Ali McD

Ali McD's son Elvis looked hot!

Olivia @ Ali McD

6 girls and Sam @ Ali McD

Budding photographer Felix

Workshop BMW show 3: Wellington

Atip with Vinnie Woolston @ 62 Models

Just arrived home from our Wellington and Christchurch Workshop BMW X1 shows. Thanks to the staff at Workshop and Jeff Gray BMW in both cities, we felt very welcome. Thanks also to the Welli MAC make-up crew and hair salon Haight Ashbury for the looks below.

Sima of Workshop Wellington with Jasmine @ Kirsty Bunny

Freddy (centre) and Lucas, both @ Kirsty Bunny

Jake and Bryn both @ Kirsty Bunny

Frith @ Kirsty Bunny

Barbara @ Nova

Chloe @ 62 Models

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Workshop BMW show 2: Newmarket

L-R: Lewis @ Clyne, Kieran @ Red 11, Evgeny @ Clyne, Bailee @ Red 11

Hannah @ 62, Kieran @ Red 11

Lewis @ Clyne

Barbara @ Nova, Derya @ 62 Models

Ariel @ August

Well the two Auckland Workshop BMW shows went rather well, and the ready-to-wear element in the styling across the local and international Workshop brands worked a treat. Last nights show was followed by a preview of the upcoming Rent musical with Annie Crummer and Tama Waipara who filled the place with some searing soul singing but it was the combination of the Workshop brand and the new BMW X1 which resonates today. At $60k, and packed with power and style the X1 offers plenty to a new generation of BMW drivers and it just looks so fine. You guessed it, we want one. We were so busy last night we didn't have much time left to take photos but here are a few pics of the models lined up backstage just prior to the start of the show. We particularly like Derya's "blue steel" look. Next week, Wellington and Christchurch...

Workshop BMW show 1: Takapuna

Gabrielle @ Red 11 and Levi @ 62 giving the thumbs up

Rhiannon @ August, Michael Whittaker @ Clyne and Lewis @ Clyne

Hal @ Red 11, Tim @ Visage, Elena @ Red 11

We love doing fashion shows - especially for clients like BMW NZ and Workshop/Helen Cherry, it's just so much fun. Last night we staged the first of four Workshop BMW shows to celebrate the launch of the new BMW X1 which is indeed a thing of beauty in itself at Jerry Clayton BMW in Takapuna. Rachael loved styling and mixing the combinations available to her; Workshop Denim, Helen Cherry, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Vanessa Bruno, See by Chloe, Twenty8Twelve, Hudson, Yours and more and the models and H&M crews from M.A.C and Stephen Marr had fun all round. Here are a few of the backstage images from the day/night. Thanks to Jo, Sarah and the staff at Jerry Clayton for being so accommodating. Tonight - Team McMillan BMW in Newmarket...

Black Fashion Editor Rachael Churchward and crew have it all lined up

Rhiannon @ August

MAC make-up maestros at work on Barbara Fiahlo @ Nova (above)
and Gabrielle @ Red 11 (below)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Here's looking at you Sherie

Happy Easter!

Today we have been shooting the Sherie Muijs Spring/Summer 2011 collection look book at Kingsize Studios. The collection is beautifully designed and tailored - and a lot of fun to boot; stripes, linens, the odd dropped crotch, strong silhouettes and of course, a seamless androgyny suggests the collection will appeal to existing fans of Sherie Muijs, and garner many new followers. Desirable, and wearable. All-in-all, another great leap forward from one of New Zealand's most exciting new designers.

Photographer: Russ Flatt
Stylist: Rachael Churchward
Hair: Greg Murrell 
Make-up: Karenina Jackson
Model: Barbara @ Nova