Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Talent: Photographer Chris Fatseas by Thom Kerr

Dress by Adrian Bressanutti, bra and knickers by American Apparel, shoes by Mimco

Here at Black Magazine we receive numerous submissions every day for the publication. Although we commission all the stories in the magazine, occasionally fresh talent catches our eye. Not everything is appropriate for print, but sometimes we come across work that we can share with our online audience. As our readership expands globally, we want to honour the new talent coming through by endeavouring to share the spotlight on those we feel are creatively blossoming. It's important at the beginning of any career to stay passionate, focussed and always be willing to learn! And showcasing rising talent is a wonderful form of encouragement. We highly value our Black magazine community of readers and will continue to introduce lots of fresh faces, both in front and behind the camera, to begin to share the wealth of talent that the magazine brings to our doorstep. And we'd like to start with a shoot by budding Australian fashion photographer Chris Fatseas... Intro and interview by BLK Australian Editor Thom Kerr  Photography: Chris Fatseas Stylist: Carmel Quinn Hair: Igor Rosales Make-up: Gemma Elaine Model: Isobel Larkin at Division Model Management

Dress by Adrian Bressanutti, bodysuit by American Apparel, shoes by Mimco

That Sandy's a Bitch! NY photo essay by Adam Custins

As the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy unfurls along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, residents of New York and its neighbouring cities are coming to terms with the devastation and unsettlement the superstorm has left behind. Yesterday during the height of the storm we were receiving updates from our crew in New York, in particular Valery Gherman and Adam Custins. Before things became too serious Adam Custins got out and about to take a few photos of the incoming monster. Thankfully all are safe and will hopefully have power and normal services soon...

Storm Summer 12/13 Campaign by Russ Flatt

In keeping with the festive season ahead there's plenty of sparkle and shine in the new Storm Summer 2012/2013 collection but still, plenty of the label's edgy quirk. Deb Caldwell is an expert at designing and creating pieces that the New Zealand woman just loves, as the burgeoning success of the brand testifies. Here are a few images from the latest campaign, photographed by Russ Flatt and styled by Black fashion director Rachael Churchward. Hair and make-up on model Nana at Red 11 by Stacy Lee Ghin.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Julia Deans 'Broken Home' video by Stephen Tilley

We really like the direction that Julia Deans has taken with her new single Broken Home, quite a step away from her last album in terms of style and direction, but a good step. Speaking of direction this is photographer Stephen Tilley's first attempt at video direction and it is a solid effort. Tilley brought highly rated Auckland cinematographer Garth Badger on board to shoot and edit the clip and it seems Garth shot the underwater sequences sans wetsuit in bitterly cold Auckland weather but hey, he is a New Zealander, that is what we do! Well done to all concerned...

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gracie Otto's Michael White film 'Chalky' by Thom Kerr

We have never seen a project more worthy of crowdfunding than ChalkyGracie Otto's film about legendary British producer Michael White,  and we don't say that lightly. Here, Black's Australian Editor Thom Kerr profiles the project and interviews Gracie, exclusively for Blacklog. We have one only word: Donate.

Michael now


Australian filmmaker Gracie Otto has been globe trotting for the last two years collecting interviews to piece together the life story of Michael White - a notorious British impresario and film producer. Although well known in private theatre and art circles, his incredible legacy has largely remained anonymous to the general public. After a chance encounter, Gracie Otto became fascinated by Michael and set on a personal quest to make sure his accomplishments would be shared with a world wide audience via her documentary 'CHALKY'. And now Gracie needs your help to bring this fascinating story to the big screen! Interview follows...all images stills from the trailer

Nabil Sabio Azadi's 'For You, The Traveller' by Thom Kerr

21-year-old Nabil Sabio Azadi is an Iranian Kiwi who has recently settled in Brisbane, Australia after travelling around the world working for many prestigious magazines and clients. During his adventures, both wonderful and terrifying, he began his personal quest to find out more about his place in the world. We will be talking more about Nabil in the next issue of Black but we wanted to share with you his latest project, For You The Traveller. It is a beautifully hand-crafted directory that contains the names of various characters scattered across five continents, including countries like Argentina, Norway and Kenya, who will house you during your travels if in possession of the book.
Story by Thom Kerr

During Nabil's moments of great loneliness whilst overseas, the idea began to spark that he could perhaps create something tangibile to remind people that they are not alone. If we put ourselves out to the universe, a human connection is always waiting.

New Faces at Scout Models, NZ


 Last week photographer David K Shields combined with Black fashion director Rachael Churchward and make-up artist Stacy Lee Ghin to shoot four brand new models from the new scouting agency here in Auckland, Scout Models. On a rainy day in the mountains Shields captured Amberly, Olivier, Paris and Blair for, in most cases, their first shoots.



Sunday, October 21, 2012

BLK #17 Interview: Driss Lambaraa at Tango

Tango’s Driss Lambaraa spent his teenage saturday afternoons in Casablanca, Morocco, dressed in French finery, dancing to a mono turntable. Grant Fell and Yasmine Ganley learn about his circuitous journey, via Tangiers, Paris, Slyt and Innsbruck to his revered vintage store in Little High Street, Auckland. Photo: Calypso Paoli.

Friday, October 19, 2012

BLACKLOG EDITORIAL #29: Eilika at Red 11 by Damien Nikora

We had hoped to run this shoot in the latest issue of Black Magazine but literally ran out of room. We love Damien Nikora's amazing sense of perspective and use of natural light to tell a story, in this case in an abandoned house up north. Russian model Eilika M at Red 11 liked his style so much she specifically requested to shoot with Damien and this is the result.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

BLK #17: Interview: Michael Whittaker

Auckland model, poet and writer Michael Whittaker is still only in his early twenties but the Orewa native has already packed a bunch into his life; modelling around the world, writing poems and plays and juggling a few degrees at Auckland University is par for the course for the talented young man. Grant Fell and Rachael Churchward get the juice on Patti Smith, Katherine Mansfield, Enrollment, entitlement and the one masterpiece we owe the ether. Photos by Damien Nikora. Read on...!

Monday, October 1, 2012

BLK #17 Opening Pages by Ian Ferguson

We love giving our art director Ian Fraser Ferguson at Friends of Design plenty of opportunity to be creative with the design of the opening pages in each issue of Black, and BLK #17 is no exception. This issue Ian designed a number of icons and circular type styles that related to the images and titles of each shoot and then incorporated those into his opening pages for the sections and the editorials in the issue. This issue he designed them all whilst on a sabbatical with his family in Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo and Sri Lanka. You go Fergs!

Douglas + Bec for Kate Sylvester Collection

Kate Sylvester and Douglas + Bec are proud to announce their upcoming collaboration. Born out of a shared philosophy and design etiquette, grows a synonymous unity of specifically made design pieces for your home.

White oak, brass, ceramic, hand dyed linen & leather combine to make a timeless collection, designed by Rebecca Snelling, with the iconic Kate Sylvester aesthetic in mind, and handmade with love by Rebecca’s father, Douglas Snelling. Stand out pieces include a Brass folding stool, a hand turned Table Lamp with a hand dyed blush linen shade and the perfect Side Table in 'duck egg' painted wood with brass crossed legs. Other pieces to accompany the collection include a 'wood' scented candle made by a French perfumer based in New York and an ivory ceramic swan, made by the ex-Crown Lynn ceramicist with a hand-painted gold-leaf beak!

Douglas + Bec is a family project. Designer, Rebecca and maker, Douglas Snelling have been producing hand crafted lighting and furniture for over five years. Gaining international recognition, Rebecca’s material sensibility and Douglas’ traditional craftsmanship strikes the perfect balance between contemporary and classic design.

This debut collection captures the spirit of Kate Sylvester’s sophisticated and irreverent charm. She is a true creative, with an established and loyal following. Her ability to transform her ideas across any aspect of design, whether it be a dress, jewellery or a desk lamp, has been substantiated with this partnership.

You can browse the full Douglas + Bec for Kate Sylvester collection below! The collection will be available in Kate Sylvester stores from this Friday, and also at Douglas + Bec!