Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nabil Sabio Azadi's 'For You, The Traveller' by Thom Kerr

21-year-old Nabil Sabio Azadi is an Iranian Kiwi who has recently settled in Brisbane, Australia after travelling around the world working for many prestigious magazines and clients. During his adventures, both wonderful and terrifying, he began his personal quest to find out more about his place in the world. We will be talking more about Nabil in the next issue of Black but we wanted to share with you his latest project, For You The Traveller. It is a beautifully hand-crafted directory that contains the names of various characters scattered across five continents, including countries like Argentina, Norway and Kenya, who will house you during your travels if in possession of the book.
Story by Thom Kerr

During Nabil's moments of great loneliness whilst overseas, the idea began to spark that he could perhaps create something tangibile to remind people that they are not alone. If we put ourselves out to the universe, a human connection is always waiting.

The books themselves are each lovingly made by Nabil's own hands, with a vintage fur cover, Tasmanian oak spine and each page is printed on recycled paper. They also contain beautiful map illustrations alongside stories, names and telephone numbers of his global community of friends. With a limited edition run of 200, (we can't expect our global hosts to look after too many people) nearly half of the books have already been pre-purchased. The team at Black think Nabil's idea is extraordinary and would encourage our readers to purchase a copy. Did we mention the fact that all of the proceeds go towards supporting Nouvelle Planete - a charity building footbridges across Madagascar to help various villagers? With For You The Traveller, everyone walks away having made a difference. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside, doesn't it?

Check out the website to purchase your own copy and/or give someone that impossibly, ridiculously, amazing present -