Friday, February 26, 2010

M.A.C's audience with Gaga, Lauper and Osbourne

M.A.C have announced today that they will be launching their new Viva Glam spokespeople; Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper, with an online streaming discussion live in London this Monday, March 1. Sharon Osbourne will be hosting an 'audience with' the two superstars and the combination of the three women alone will make for interesting viewing. The event will be broadcast on a stand-alone FaceBook tab on the M.A.C Cosmetics FaceBook page and, if you become a fan of the page, you will be able to post questions for consideration by the flamboyant pair. The discussion aims to get people across the globe to think and act differently about AIDS, and in particular the effect on women and girls around the world. Fans can post potential questions on the page's wall with the preface: "Question for Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper" and a select number will make the cut.

Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper engage in discussion about HIV and AIDS for M.A.C Viva Glam, hosted by Sharon Osbourne.

Event streaming from 4pm GMT (4am NZ), Monday, March 1 online here.

FTV Designer Call

Fashion TV Oceania is announcing the arrival of the FTV designer Awards, an online award for emerging Australian and New Zealand designers scheduled for March 2010 - July 2010. Run entirely online, it's an opportunity for emerging designers to enter an award that comes with all of the attendant FTV coverage on Foxtel in Australia and Sky in NZ. The preliminary judging round will include a panel of selected sponsors and the public vote whilst the winner will be judged by a panel of industry experts. It isn't clear yet whether there is a fee to enter but you can register interest in the awards here.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We're Addicted

We're shooting fashion today for Black 12 with Vanessa @ Nova (above). Craig Owen is the lensman, Rachael Churchward is styling and Stefan Knight is in charge of hair and make-up. It's a good time to mention our latest addiction Habitual Fix, which is quickly becoming our catering of choice for Black shoots and for breakfast and lunch in general. In 2006 founder James Tucker enlisted the culinary help of Tim Benest and they set about creating something they felt was missing from Auckland; real fresh food, and fast. The pair spent two years prior to opening finding the best fresh food growers and producers in the region and opened the first Habitual Fix in Beaumont Street, St Mary's Bay in 2008. The concept has already proved so successful they have opened another outlet on Customs Street, near the Queen Street corner.

Everything - bread, pita, sushi, juices, salads, pitas, wraps, 97% fat-free smoothies, sandwiches, gluten-free options and more - is all made on site, on a daily basis, and it shows. The servings are large - if you wish - and cost-effective. In no time at all - we're addicts.

Habitual Fix:

120 Beaumont Street, Sy Mary's Bay Ph: 09 368 1273
Cnr Queen & Customs Streets, Auckland CBD Ph: 09 916 1178

Vanessa wears top by Helen Cherry and sups a Strawberry Pash smoothie

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sneaky Squizz - Black 12 - 1

Robert Erdmann is no stranger to shooting stars. Nor is Australian hair master Kerry Warn who was name-checked in the last issue of Black by Sam McKnight as a hair-dressing legend that had helped to create a path for sessions stylists world-wide. So when the pair got together with stylist Kimi O'Neill (Paloma Faith, Issue 11) and make-up artist Georgina Graham to shoot rising British pop star Ellie Goulding (above), the sparks flew on a shoot that looks so perfectly then, as now...

Carrie's Shoe Coup

Aussie-based Kiwi shoe designer Carrie Cooper is getting a roll on (or should that be sole on) in her new incarnation as head designer for House Of Last. Black readers will be familiar with her semi-eponymous label Beau Coops which have already been lusted after on both sides of the Tasman. Cooper's role at House of Last involves more than Beau Coops though and keen observers of Aussie label Sass & Bide's AW 2010/2011 collection at London Fashion Week over the weekend may have noticed one of Carrie's co-creations with Sass & Bide looking rather splendiferous on the runway. The shoe (pictured above) is Cooper's first co-op with the label and will soon be available from selected, hand-picked outlets globally. We love...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Black 12:Retro Zambesi with Vinnie out back

Yesterday for Black 12, we shot a ten page Rachael Churchward homage to Zambesi's 30 years at Mangawhai with photographer Marissa Findlay. Rachael styled up a Zambesi story based upon her vision of a label she has long admired, and it was amazing to see how completely cohesive this great New Zealand brand has remained over so many years. Shirley Simpson saw to hair and make-up and Zambesi Man's Dayne Johnston assisted Rachael in the styling department. It was a hot mid-summer's New Zealand day which felt beautifully incongruous and perfect all at the same time. Also beautiful were Ukranian/Polish model Olga S (62 Models/Chadwick), a Zambesi natural and our favourite boy in town, or out of town as the case may be, Vinnie Woolston (62 Models/Premier). We have been working with Vinnie for nine years and he just keeps evolving beautifully each year. Rachael cast Vinnie in his first shoot, for Workshop Denim's 2001 campaign, and fell in love with his personality, manners, and respect. His capacity to model naturally is unsurpassed in our experience. We think he is one of the hottest male models. Yesterday we were driving to a location in the truck and Vinnie wanted to ride in the back of the cab to "feel the wind on his body" - and that, in a nutshell, is what we love about can't take Raglan out of the boy...

Black 12: Annabella Barber

Image: Capital City Pretty

Just getting high res images through of the amazing Annabella Barber - shot for Black 12 by Rupert Tapper and Paul Bui with truly amazing hair by Gavin Anesbury. Annabella is of course an ex-pat New Zealander who has been making waves in Australia through Priscilla's Model Management. Eyes, nose, mouth, hair (blonde in our shoot); pretty much everything about this girl suggests superstar...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Down The Stone's Way

"The songs have been written all over the stormy corners of backstage rooms and rusty windows of old hotels in sleepy towns" say the Sydney based brother and sister duo Angus & Julia Stone. Affectionately known as "The Stones" the duo have been one of our favourite Australian acts since 2007's A Book Like This; a sublime collection of melody, harmony and acoustic loveliness. So when a package turned up this week with the new album Down The Way inside, it went straight into the drive and it has stayed there. They say the second album is always difficult (the band produced two EPs earlier; Chocolate and Cigarettes and Heart Full Of Wine) but Down The Way is simply difficult to ignore.

Mature, emotional song-writing, superb production and an undeniable sibling chemistry creates a solid platform, but it's the pair's singing which lifts the album to another level. Although the writing and recording of the album was literally a voyage (from an old sawmill in Golant, Cornwall to New York to Coolangatta, Australia) it is a seamless affair from start to finish with Hold On, Black Crow and Julia Stone's husky vocal on And The Boys and Walk It Off emerging as early favourites. Angus's palpable vocal on Draw Your Swords will strike a chord with fans of Lee Hazelwood and Grant Lee Buffalo among others.

Down The Way is due to be released in March.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Keep On Running

Having something of a proclivity for 7" vinyl we were pleasantly surprised to receive the new Parallel Dance Ensemble single in the mail this week, and it's more than just the charm of wax that appeals. Run is a lovely thing; a lilting groove punctured by stabby disco keys, produced, played and arranged by Danish musician/producer Robin Hannibal. The rap by the artful Coco Solid is everything her local fans expect and enjoy, and the pretty, floating vocal by the mysterious Bobbi Soxx caresses the tune in a way that would capture Sia or Zero 7's attention. Recorded and mixed at Red Bull Studios in College Hill the single with instrumental b side is released as a Red Bull Music Academy project, speaking of which...

Red Bull Music Academy 2010 is mid way through week two in London and as we've written before both here and in Black Magazine, we love RBMA and the relationships and on-going camaraderie it creates. Run is a perfect example. Here's RMBA radio.

Tiger Tiger

Boh Runga, in association with NZ Mint, has released her latest line of jewellery. 'Tiger' is a range based upon both her Chinese heritage and 2010, the Chinese Year of the Tiger. It's a sign of bravery, the Tiger that is, and was admired by ancient Chinese as the sign that kept away the three main tragedies of a household - fire, thieves and ghosts. The collection looks to be even more desirable, and wearable, than Runga's last and represents the first time the talented designer has made rings. The Tiger 'Lovecat' cocktail ring (above) bears steely sapphire eyes and heart-shaped ears and the collection also features the earrings, bracelets and pendants she has created so convincingly in previous ranges.

Recommended retail prices start at $315 for the ring, $149 for pendants, $169 for bracelets and $135 for earrings inclusive of gst (currently 12.5%) - all in NZ dollars.

Available from selected NZ Mint jewellery retailers and online here at NZ Mint.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Not so Neff

Over the past month or so Matias Aguayo has provided something of a soundtrack to the way we are thinking about Black 12. Me Vuelco Loca, Rollerskate and Walter Neff spell both house and pop genius but also sound independent of both genres. Ay Ay Ay!

Aussie beauty mate!





We shot beauty for Black 12 at Kingsize today with photographer Craig Owen, Black fashion director Rachael Churchward and the make-up artistry of M.A.C's Amber D, her assistant Kiekie Stanners - and model Alexandra Spencer (62 Models NZ/Chic Aust). We loved her. Alex, both a quality fashion model and beauty face, is pretty active both sides of the camera. 4th and Bleeker, her blog, is registering an average 100 comments per post which puts her in the serious league of fashion bloggers, and it's a beautiful blog; she knows her fashion. A visit to the 'store' on the site reveals the Jeepers Creepers Jumpsuit, designed by Alex who also models the same garment over four seasons, a great idea in itself. The JCJ has had a fantastic response already and there are more designs and a possible production partner in the pipeline. She says she never wanted to force anything down people's throats but rather to have her ideas evolve organically. The evolution is well under way...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Strangers in Hong Kong

It seems a long way from Dunedin to Hong Kong but not for local designer Sara Aspinall's Company Of Strangers who have just confirmed a partnership with Hong Kong stores Ballet and Voulez Vous - with a third store about to sign. Aspinall, who was assistant designer to Margi Robertson at Nom D for some years, made the connection when she attended the Rendezvous trade show in Paris recently and the relationships mirror a growing interest in New Zealand designers from the region. This campaign, shot by Olivia Hemus also features the styling talents of another Nom D assistant designer, Charlotte Rust. More proof of the depth of talent stemming from NZ's biggest little fashion city, Dunedin...

Photographer: Olivia Hemus
Styling: Charlotte Rust
Model: Chloe @ 62models
Hair and Make-up: Margo Regan
Graphic Design: Craig Fraser

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Online Lonely-ness

Update: Just had word that this site will in fact now be a web site for the overall Lonely Hearts brand. Still launching on March 1...

Those lovely, not-so-lonely people at Lonely Hearts are planning an online store for their range of lingerie Lonely - to be launched on March 1. In this day and age when women tend to know their size and shape shopping for underwear on the internet seems like a smart option. The online store will only sell Lonely by Lonely Hearts.

Photographer: Karen Inderbitzen-Waller
Styling: Karen Inderbitzen-Waller
Model: Corrina @ August Models
Make-up: Margo Regan
Hair: Matt Bens @ Stephen Marr

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

August's next top model #4 - Stevie

When Rachael met Stevie prior to this shoot she learnt that Stevie thinks outside the square, loves animals and is a passionate horsewoman. We also think she's a natural New Zealand beauty...

Photography: Stephen Tilley
Fashion: Rachael Churchward
Hair & make-up: Stefan Knight

Dress by Lonely Hearts, necklace by Wunderkammer

Happy With Larry - Five great Larry Levan remixes

Lately we've reactivated a long-held obsession with the work of the great Larry Levan, the DJ at the helm of one of the world's great clubs Paradise Garage, and found it to be the perfect musical accompaniment to the sublime summer days currently engulfing Auckland. Levan was so influential and so unique in his production and remixing skills that his music continues to excite and influence many of today's electronic producers: Chromeo, Hercules & Love Affair and Junior Boys among others. The recent remix of Hercules & Love Affair's Blind by Levan contemporary Frankie Knuckles is so resonant of the sound of the time it could well be time for a revival. Here's five of our favourite Larry Levan remixes:

1. Walking On Sunshine (Larry Levan mix) - Rockers Revenge

This tune, produced by the legendary Arthur Baker (above) and written by Eddy Grant was a clear cut crossover tune between the Paradise Garage and the breakbeat/electro explosion of the time. Levan's version features his trademark congas, rolling bass and a swell treatment of singer Donnie Galvin's uplifting vocal.

2. Tearin It Up (Larry Levan Garage House Vocal mix) - Chaka Khan

Beginning with a pastiche of electro bass and choppy garage gat, Tearin It Up soon falls deeply into the super diva soul machinations of the great Chaka Khan who presents, in one song, the full range of her sassy, sublime and undeniably powerful voice. Divas all over the world (and in Aotearoa the likes of Annie Crummer and Betty Ann Monga) would have considered this a template. Levan moves the whole shebang along at a rate of knots making this a huge dancefloor hit. Fierce in the truest sense...

3. Is It All Over My Face (Female Vocal) - Loose Joints

This tune is one of the club's all time greats. Loose Joints was ostensibly Arthur Baker and Steve d'Aquisto but also featured rhythmic input from the Ingram Brothers and Levan himself. Vocalist Melvina Woods wrote the words: "Is it all over my face, you've got me luv dancing" which was appropriated years later by Strictly Rhythm outfit Underground Solution and Jasmine. The tune has been remixed many times but is most perfectly remixed in this version by Levan.

4. At Midnight (Larry Levan Remix) - T-Connection

This tune had been a big late seventies disco hit for T-Connection but Levan adds something special with his rolling garage affectation that starts with a percussion jam, erupts into the tune's legendary horns, disco guitar and strings and ends with a section that simply goes boi-yoi-ying. Activate your boogie shoes!

5. Stand On The Word (unreleased Larry Levan mix) - Celestial Choir

Recorded at the First Baptist Church, Crown Heights, New York in 1982, this exemplary mix of a gospel tune by Levan lay largely hidden for many years until recently rereleased and re-invented with a quality pressing. Somehow this perfectly represents the celebratory ethic of Larry Levan as well as any tune.

Burberry to stream show in 3D

In keeping with the explosion of interest in all things 3D, set off by James Cameron's phenomenal Avatar, fashion industry giant Burberry have announced that their upcoming London Fashion Week show will be streamed live in 3D to venues in New York, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo and Los Angeles. Whilst this is of little comfort to Antipodean Burberry fans it does initiate the concept of a global live show, multiple events around the globe seeing the show at the same time. Interesting to see that one of the world's oldest fashion houses (est. 1856) is the first to implement the technology - in partnership with Sky Television. The good news for local fans is that the same show which takes place at 4pm GMT, Feb 23 at the Chelsea College of Art will also be streamed in 2D at

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Paradise Brothers Return

On Monday Bristol's favourite sons Massive Attack will release their fifth album Heligoland. Since 1991's Blue Lines announced the arrival of trip-hop, and to a greater degree downbeat, Massive Attack have consistently delivered music to soothe, groove and move their ever-increasing raft of fans - although it can be a while between albums. Whilst Blue Lines is considered by many to be one of the greatest, or at least most influential albums of all time, the albums to follow that masterpiece; Protection and Mezzanine were simply considered great albums. 2003's The 100th Window suggested the band were on a natural slope toward er, maturity... so the fact that Heligoland is arriving on Monday with an advance guard bass flutter of approval from the global hacks that have been lucky enough to hear it, suggests a return to form.

The first single from the album features the utterly unique voice of Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Starr fame. Entitled Paradise Circus, it's a sultry tune that falls sweetly into Protection territory. Sandoval in her stoned and husky drawl sounds like she has climbed inside the song and is having a wee lie down, and as usual there's oodles of space between the bass. Fittingly, for a band who featured an erotic dancer's routine to accompany Be Thankful For What You've Got the new single is accompanied by a video which is even more likely to NOT get played on mainstream TV. Directed by Toby Dye it's a video classic that is inter cut with an interview with Georgina Spelving, star of The Devil In Miss Jones - one of the seventies most famous skin flicks. A contemporary Georgina talks to camera about the film over excerpts from the film itself, and it's perfect meld of music and image. It won't be seen on TV too often so here it is at Massive Attack's blog - and they recommend it is for over 18s only.

Roll on Monday.

Girls Will Be Girls

Our guest on the weekend, 3 year-old Kingston, is living proof that three is the age when many girls begin what may become a lifelong affair with the things that girls tend to love; lipstick, handbags, clothes and yes, shoes. So after a bit of a lipstick session in front of the big mirror it was off for a tromp around the house in some of Rachael's favourite heels which ended here on the couch. Kingston wears balloon heels by Bernhard. Rachael wears snakeskin heels by Georgina Goodman.