Sunday, February 14, 2010

Aussie beauty mate!





We shot beauty for Black 12 at Kingsize today with photographer Craig Owen, Black fashion director Rachael Churchward and the make-up artistry of M.A.C's Amber D, her assistant Kiekie Stanners - and model Alexandra Spencer (62 Models NZ/Chic Aust). We loved her. Alex, both a quality fashion model and beauty face, is pretty active both sides of the camera. 4th and Bleeker, her blog, is registering an average 100 comments per post which puts her in the serious league of fashion bloggers, and it's a beautiful blog; she knows her fashion. A visit to the 'store' on the site reveals the Jeepers Creepers Jumpsuit, designed by Alex who also models the same garment over four seasons, a great idea in itself. The JCJ has had a fantastic response already and there are more designs and a possible production partner in the pipeline. She says she never wanted to force anything down people's throats but rather to have her ideas evolve organically. The evolution is well under way...