Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sneaky Squizz 2 - Fashion, Black Magazine, Issue 9

Sydney team James Demitri and Wil Ariyamethe explore the world of caravans, multiple wives and cotton long-johns in a place where middle America meets the Mormons and has consenting sex with the Quakers...Utah, coming soon

Word Of The Week - Sesquipedalian

Sesquipedalian \ses-kwuh-puh-DAYL-yuhn\, adjective:

1. Given to or characterised by the use of long words.
2. Long and ponderous; having many syllables.
3. A long word

Plus he has a weakness for what we can mischievously call sesquipedalian excess: Look out for such terms as "epiphenomenal,""diegetic" and "proprioceptive." - Jabari Asim, "Reel Pioneer", Washington Post, November 19, 2000

Or perhaps:

Sonny Bill Williams, a surprisingly intelligent footballer and no stranger to words on the field, lapsed into a powerful sesquipedalian chant when asked about his sudden, desecrating departure from the great game of rugby league; "antidisestablismentarianism, antidisestablishmentarianism...he roared" Laurie Daley, Big Words On League, 2008

Great, Great Songs Number 4

Ain't No Stopping Us Now by McFadden & Whitehead. This truly great track is about as uplifting, hopeful and positive as a song can get. Whilst this is the original, I think I prefer the slinky, shuffly, string-laden version by Risco Connection which I fell in love with when I bought the David Mancuso The Loft Volume 1 compilation box a few years back, itself a classic album of the good groove. McFadden & Whitehead, both of whom have sadly now passed on, nailed this tune with a classic bassline, orgasmic vocals and again, inspired melody from my favourite musical section, lovely, lovely strings. Disco, soul, funk, house? Yes, all of those things and more.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hi I'm Garon, A Professional Gorilla

It's not often that an ad gets better with every viewing and being a former ad man, I know that is the ultimate aim of the curious amalgam that is advertising - to find the place where true creativity gallops along on the commercial horse - and everyone is happy. Iconic ads are gold for the advertiser and the viewer alike and these ads are almost always based on humour. Add the emotive in music and you just might have a winner. I first saw the Cadbury Dairy Milk ad on You Tube about six months ago and loved it. The ad originally aired on UK TV in August 2007 but - as is normal for Antipodeans living in the Shakey Isles - has only recently screened on NZ television. I have now seen it about six or seven times on the box and I'm finding myself increasingly entranced by its simple charms. I also find myself wondering about how it was made. Did they get Weta Digital in NZ to provide the King Kong head? What part is a guy in a gorilla suit and which parts are animitronics? Is the actor in the suit a real drummer?
Well it seems the man inside the suit is Garon Michael, a professional gorilla actor not a drummer at all who had to learn to drum the classic Phil Collins roll. The Superman lookalike has appeared in numerous hairy films including Congo, Instinct [Anthony Hopkins] and of course Planet Of The Apes alongside Mark Wahlberg. Michael says the Cadbury ad was "his most gruelling role yet" with no less than 40 ninety second takes required. Hot work in a hairy suit, although he had a video screen inside the head to work with. Fluids are a necessity and provided through a straw into the beast's head [which is covered in yak hair by the way] and the facial close ups are motorised and controlled by two puppeteers.

When asked what he thinks of the ad himself, the well-trained ape man sweetly replies " The sight of the gorilla drumming along to Phil Collins should make you smile, just like a slab of Dairy Milk."


Who Needs A Hot Toddy?

I don't think much needs to be said about Toddy's ridiculously cute fire engine red long johns, except that they look even better from the back. Not because that model has a fine ass (although I'm sure she does) but because they come replete with a fully functional bum flap with press stud closure... Available from in unisex small, medium and large for just $120 + shipping ($8 in Oz and $28 everywhere else) they're firmly on my wishlist. So is a hot toddy which, for the uninitiated, is coffee or similar plus alcohol and a hearty dash of sweetness. Hello, lover.

Sneaky Squizz - Fashion Issue 9

The first of several sneaky views at the fashion coming up in Issue 9, the re-launch issue of Black Magazine, out September. I know she's my partner and that but I just think Rachael is by Tim White, Hair & Make Up Virginia Carde, model Zuzanna...stay tuned for more

Monday, July 28, 2008

Glasses A La Galliano

To be honest, I assumed that the creative genius that is John Galliano would already have a line of eyewear, both sun and optical - but apparently not, because his brand spanking new partnership with Gruppo Marcelin has just been announced. Already home to Tom Ford and Roberto Cavalli's ranges, Galliano's visionary vison aids will add to the 600 styles and 5.5 million pairs already produced by the Italian heavyweights...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Holey Moley

Until today, I though that "Jennifer's Body" was a Hole song. I've just read, however, that it's also a new film starring Megan Fox (aka poor man's Angelina Jolie) and written by Diablo Cody, the former stripper that also wrote Juno. I absolutely loved Juno - didn't everyone? - but this just sounds ridiculous... "A possessed cheerleader turns into a killer who specialises in offing her male classmates. Can her plain Jane best friend save her from the satan worshipping rock band that are behind her demonic transformation?" Wowser.

So Frenchy, So Chic

I have a lot to say about porn and mens mags, and have had even more to say lately... Firstly, I was chuffed to hear that Australian Big Brother's busty Bianca had turned down a wad of cash to pose for Zoo Weekly (which is called Zoo because it's made by animals, for animals I'm sure) while I just read that Charlize Theron - who I have always considered a woman with the utmost dignity - has gotten her gear off for a number of publications. Now, to throw another spanner in the proverbial works, I have come across the French edition of Playboy. No silicone valley of the dolls giggling blondes on the cover, but muse of the moment, Lou Doillon. Apparently the aspirations of new editor Yan Ceh is to return to the glamour and seductiveness of the seventies. With arresting fashion, interesting celebrities and a healthy dash of brains balancing the requisite tits and arse, rumour has it that Ceh is giving Carine a run for her money. Ooh la la...

Not Just Rumours....

Fleetwood Mac have announced that they will tour in early 2009, before heading into the studio to record a new album... This will be Stevie Nicks et al's first outing since they hit the road to promote "Say You Will" in 2003, but I think they'll be well worth the wait.

Sayonara Sophia

Everyone's favourite Golden Girl passed away in her Hollywood home on 22 July after a long battle with dementia. Nominated for seven Most Outstanding Actress In A Comedy Series Emmy Awards - and winning one - Estelle Getty was a true luminary of the 80s small screen, and by God did the woman look good in pastel separates. Sophia, you will be sorely missed pussycat.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sydney Gets Misshapen

First, I have to say that I am dumbfounded as to why the f*ck anybody would book The Misshapes to play at Slide, when the far more appropriate and less shimmer shimmer sequin star fingers Oxford Art Factory is right across the road... But I am excited nonetheless to hear that New York's favourite got any blacker trio will be coming to Sydney to show us how it's done on 15 August. Sure, they might not bring Aggy, Chloe, Beth, Hedi or Jarvis with them, but it's going to be one hell of a party.

Karen O Puts The O Yeah (Yeah Yeahs) Into A New Side Project

Enough Karen O is never enough, so I was very, very excited to learn of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' front woman's new side project, Native Korean Rock. Rolling Stone describes their first show as "an evening of ballads fleshed out by little more than a few plucked strings, a guitar strum or two, and her own wrenching voice." Check out their MySpace page to hear for yourself... By the way, right now I look a little like Karen O - my new bob didn't feel quite so new anymore so as of yesterday, I am rocking the kind of bowl cut that looks best on small Asian children. Konichiwa, bitches.

Princess Portman

Not only does Devendra Banhart get to make love to one of the world's most beautiful and interesting women, but he also gets to supercharge the celeb wattage in his film clips. Natalie Portman stars as a Bollywood princess in the video for Banhart's latest single, 'Carmensita,' another piece of catchy freak folk from the Venezualan / American muso. Ain't love grand.

One Less Reason Melbourne Is Better Than Sydney

Like an onion of textiles, these are the layers of our lives... Sydneysiders rejoice, the eagerly anticipated American Apparel store is now open on Oxford Street, Darlinghurst. Melbourne has had a store on Chapel for some time now, but now there's no need for an interstate reconnaissance mission each time a new tee / socks / tights / hoodie are in order. Happy days.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cult-Couture, cultural allure

We're excited about this event, the Villa Maria Cult-Couture 2008. Our own Rachael Churchward will again be head judge and if last year's event is anything to go by this will be just as special. Nowhere else in NZ does fashion meet the culture that makes New Zealand unique, so perfectly. Event managed by head honcho Chantelle Whaiapu and the progressive crew at Manukau City Council, the event itself is nothing short of spectacular, a creative and comprehensive smorgasboard of all things fashion, music, dance and delivery. Last year's entries were of an exceptionally high standard, 2007 co-judge Adrian Hailwood and Ms Churchward being very impressed with the design, creativity and production standards exhibited in many of the entries. The awards are open to fashion students and graduates, emerging and established designers, and artists from throughout NZ. There is $15,000 in prize money up for grabs in six design categories. If you want to see the place where very real New Zealand creativity meets fashion, we encourage you to make the effort and attend. It will be well worth your while.

Registrations close August 22. Entry forms are available from the Manukau Arts Centres or by phoning 09 275 0482 or at this email:

The awards night is Sat NOvomber 1 at the Telstra Clear Events Centre in Manukau.

Huffing and puffing and blowing it down

Those buggers at Huffer are having a sale tomorrow. There will be Sample Huffer, End Of Line Huffer and the rather intriguing Freaky Huffer on sale/show/display/for the taking [as long as you pay first]. It's being held at Huffer Central and you can be sure the usual misfits will be in attendance along with Becks and Teza, so head on down to 323 Queen Street between 4pm and 7pm tomorrow to get Huffed.

Alrighty then, it's official...

Come here!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Aaron De Mey Interview

Part two of a forthcoming series on the very talented Aaron De Mey, the newly appointed International Make Up Artistic Director of Lancome. This charming man has come a long, long way from humble beginnings in Tauranga, NZ. Stand by for exclusive upcoming interviews with the man in Black Magazine and MiNDFOOD. Here's his website.

Aaron de Mey Exclusive Interview ! from alex very on Vimeo.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Word Of The Week - Tatterdemalion

tatterdemalion \tat-uhr-dih-MAYL-yuhn noun:

1. A person dressed in tattered or ragged clothing; a ruggamuffin
2. Tattered; ragged

I was expecting wild hair, clanking jewellery, a tatterdemalion velvet cape from whose folds wafted the scent of incense, a house full of candles, dream catchers, cats and bad art. David Rakoff, Fraud.

or perhaps:

So entangled were Winehouse and Doherty, posing pastily within their drug-mired embrace, that few could tell which limb belonged to whom amidst the tatterdemalion labrynth of puffy dough-boy skin, tattooed goats leg and that dry, lacquered nest of hair. Martin Puncher, Hello Magazine, 2008.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fashionation Fascination

They describe themselves as an "alternative fashion universe where fashionistas, photographers and creatives can get their weekly fix of the best fashion editorial from around world." I'm not sure I'd go that far (I mean seriously, they're not getting all ET on our our ass) but I will go so far as to say that is a very, very cool new blog from the creators of one of my other faves,

With a selection of fabulous shoots from some amazing fashion and pop culture mags (including Australia's very own Oyster - see pic above - just a few spots up from Russian Vogue), it's a new way to check out a beautiful, eclectic range of work without having to dish out the dollars at your local newsagency.

Looking forward to seeing the divine Miss Churchward's work up there real soon...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ah bubbles....

It was with considerable forthcoming pleasure that we received a media release today announcing that Moet et Chandon will be the official champagne partner of this year's Air New Zealand Fashion Week. The legendary French bubbly exudes fashion through and through and here at Black Central we see it as a coming of age for the foremost fashion event on the local calendar. Moet is the Champagne De Jour of fashion weeks worldwide so this is surely a harbinger of a great ANZFW to come. Brilliant. We look forward to sharing a glass of Brut Imperial with you on site....

The champagne pops like rifle shots and everyone has fun!

Slendid Splendour

Sorry to rub it right on in, but yours truly will be heading to Splendour In The Grass in under three weeks (closer to two actually, but who's counting?) and I'm continually getting pounded with more and more reasons why this may well be Australia's best and fairest festival.

First they brought us Vampire Weekend, Sigur Ros, The Fratellis, New Young Pony Club (who I am interviewing for the third time tonight and by God, it better be good) etc, and then they went out of their way to do absolutely everything possible to make Splendour a sustainable event.

Now, I'm green and all, but I'm not THAT green - I recycle and I switch lights and taps off and hell, I wear a lot of vintage, but the only type of tree I like to hug is of the Xmas variety. But even I can appreciate that my emissions at Splendour will be around 144kg, and that by handing over just $7 for a green ticket I can neutralise my carbon footprint. Right on.

Best of all, I can take five cans or bottles (empty of course - they don't call me Patsy for nothing) and swap them for a $3 drink ticket. So drink more booze and get more booze. Maybe I'm greener than I thought?

Trev and Reg and Robbo and Rex

I've had a hankering* for a sausage sanger for quite some time now, and tonight is the night... Bogan Bingo makes it's debut at Oxford Art Factory from 8pm - 10pm, and I'm assured there will be plenty of beer, Gunners and flanno on offer (but not in that pseudo ironic Cream on Crown flanno kinda way.) Say hi - I'll be the one in the Kiss The Cook apron.

*A hankering? What is this, the deep south of Sydney? Y'all, pass me summa those fried green tomaytas and a slabba that corn bread. Yessum...

Olly! Olly! Olly!

Our favourite little dog in the world, the fashion wonder dog known as Olly has been busting a move down at Stardogs. Olly is officially the website's Dog Of The Month which is something akin to Employee Of The Month except Olly doesn't work,  or need to, he just is.

Olly has his own website too [although we suspect it was set up by owners Murray Bevan and Anna Fitzpatrick] which features a lookbook of the stylish chap impeccably dressed and pulling some pretty cool stances.

He's a natural and although it's early stages yet, we think he's a claw in for Dog Of The Year... 

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's a blight!

Super fit NZ Politician, Rodney Hyde, leader of the ACT Party, also has the yellow-in-public problem. It's doubtful the political hipster would have picked up a tip from Lagerfeld himself but his style is still bad, canary yellow bad like Michael Jackson. Despite Rodney's non-politically-motivated attempt [Yeah; Right] to gain attention it is Karl who  is less likely to be run over. Rodney on the other hand is more likely to be seen at the Pony Club. 

Monday, July 14, 2008

James Gets All Bookish On It

Our favourite Sydneyside lensman James Demitri has published a book of his fabulous work and we're busting to tell you about it. Early on in the piece James sent us a shoot which well and truly floated our boat, vote, goat even. Fightclub was such a fabulous mix of concept, sexiness and world class photographic execution that we broke our 'no submissions' rule and ran a 10 page spread there and then. Since then James has contributed a shoot to every issue of Black, including the next one. Now he has created a book of his work that shows just how good the boy really is. You can find out more here. Or here. Or here, God damn it!
When looking at Jame's work, whether you are straight or gay, boy or girl, up or down, left or right, black or white, there is no escaping his work is pure and simply, 'sexy'. All and sundry it seems, find it so...

James Demitri's new book Portfolio is available now.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Why Did The Headless Chicken Cross The Road? get to the next gig of course. It's official and you heard it here first, Headless Chickens are set to reform later this year for a series of gigs in Australia and New Zealand in Nov/Dec. For quite a few years now we have been asked to reform and play some gigs [Split Enz and the Auckland Festival among them] but for one reason or another, the timing hasn't been right. Given that every single HC record is out of stock in Australia and that there is a sense of unfinished business, the time has quite simply come.

Stay tuned to BlackLOG and we'll keep you updated as the year progresses.

You Tube videos or on the right down a bit here on BlackLOG

Hello Chicken person, your time has come again, the whole house is swinging like a monkey on a chain...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Great great songs number 3

Expansions by Lonnie Liston Smith. Originally released on Flying Dutchman records in 1974 although some sources say 1975, this tune features one of my favourite basslines of all time. It just bubbles and rolls along relentlessly while Lonnie soars over top with a nice flute line to underpin it all. The bassline was famously used by Stetasonic in their hip hop classic Talkin All That Jazz and the tune was remixed by the unsurpassable garage master Larry Levan. Priceless jazz fusion soul. Here's Lonnie's Soulwalking.

Subs Spotted Moving Around

Here is a picture of a couple of luxury submarines frolicking around in Neptune's back yard. Pretty cool eh? Yep, so what you're thinking. Well this is a quick story about a moving sub in the Auckland region. The Mercury Sub or Subs to be exact. Our esteemed subscription company, founded by our good friend, the vastly enlightened magazine maestro Stuart Shepherd, is on the move. Having partnered up with Gordon & Gotch a while back, Mr Shepherd is now shifting Mercury Subs out into the big wide ocean again to become a stand alone specialist subscription service. It's all very amicable and the distribution giant will still have Mercury Subs on board as it's subscription partner. The new company, descriptively titled the Magazine Marketing Company Ltd is owned by Shepherd and partner Bob Cooper and there's plans afoot to ramp things up considerably. This will include new products and services for punters and publishers - a substantial enhancement of the existing services on hand. The official re-launch of the company and it's website will take place from September 2008. Nice one Stu!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hello my fellow blacksmiths

Hello Frontgrill and all BlackLOG bloggers. Stay tuned, in work, will post soon. :)

Mana Is Good

Yes, Mana is good. Mana Dave that is. So good that the legendary founding stylist at Blaze Salon was recently crowned New Zealand Hairdresser Of The Year at the recent Hair Expo Australia 2008. The prestigious trade show is one of the most important events in Australasian hairdressing and the largest hair event in the Southern hemisphere so Mana's award is no mean feat at all. It's the fourth consecutive year that the talented stylist has made the finals for the award but the winning of it this year, after half a decade of competition, was special. "This is a truly great moment for me" he enthused "I have poured my heart and soul into this industry for years, and although I have an amazing career that takes me all around the world, this award tops it all off." The award caps off a great 12 months for Mana who was recently inducted into Redken 5th Avenue New York's 2008 Global Collection team meaning he will be summoned to all corners of the globe throughout 2008 to work alongside some of the world's best stylists.

Great result for Mana Dave and Blaze Salon and great to see even more Tangata Whenua 'cutting it' as it were.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Who Is This Man?

Photo Inez & Vinoodh

He's Aaron De Mey, unquestionably New Zealand's greatest ever Make Up Artist and the newly appointed International Artistic Make Up Director of Lancome. He is also the subject of our lead feature and exclusive interview in the upcoming Issue 9 of Black Magazine. Stay tuned to Blacklog, we'll tell you more soon...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Joanna

Today, July 2nd is the birthday of someone we love very much. Joanna Nina Sarah Churchward, this is your day. Love Dorothy, Frank, Kim, Rachael, Grant, Nina, Dylan and whanau. We will always remember you. We believe in angels too. Happy Birthday. Left us 04.08.2002...

Great White

75 years ago Rene Lacoste served the tennis world, and consequently the fashion world, with his own unique vision of style and grace. The original, now iconic 12.12 polo shirt was created by Rene because there was simply nothing else of quality and style around that you could also actually play tennis in. Almost as iconic is the lovely little crocodile label which was designed for Lacoste by his friend Robert George in 1927 as testament to Rene's own tenacious prowess with the racket - once he had hold of opponents it seems, the teeth never gave way. After embroidering the little fella on his blazer Rene then featured it on the first of his now legendary shirts.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary Lacoste is launching a capsule collection that harks back to the label's champagne and Pimms origins. Creative Director Christophe Lemaire has updated several of the earliest pieces that Mr Lacoste wore, on and off court. We want the lot, but this classic white jacket is highest on the list. Don Johnson eat your heart out but sorry, you weren't invited. Word Of The Week - Cockaigne

Has to be word of the week....

Cockaigne / kah-KAYN/ noun:

An imaginary land of ease and luxury...

Outside, in the dark, a wobbly patch of life upon the blue snow, the deer perhaps browsed, her soft blob of a nose rapturously sunk in the chilly winter greenery, her modest brain stem steeped in some dream of a Cockaigne for herbivores. - John Updike, Toward The End Of Time

Or perhaps:

The Copy Writer snuffled and chuckled to himself, warm with his own cleverness..."hah, this ad is beyond target, it's middle NZ's new mantra, it's Toyota no less. Mark The Builder will visualise a lawn-mowing Cockaigne when he sees this little baby mid Tri Nations test" - Marcus McCallum, Making You Love My Sausage, Crunchie Press 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Blog a blog.

Take a look at my friend Richard Mortimers new blog site It has an alternative view on the hottest underboilings of 'what's what' in London. Richard is the brainchild behind the now defunked worldwide cult fashion party phenomenom that was Boombox, which alongside fabulous resident djs Jerry Bouthier and Princess Julia gave us the hottest guest slots from the likes of Jim Stanton, Scottee, Kylie Minogue, Booby Tuesday and the Darling Bears. This club was hotter than St Tropez during the summer solstice and its legacy continues with the publishing of the book 'Boombox' and the CD 'KitsuneBoombox'. Richard remains at the vanguard of all that's fabulous and newly found in fashion, beauty, music and clubs with and they don't half know how to put on the occasional great knees up down hoxton town too.

Perfuming Life

Every year I discover a fragrance that becomes my scent of the year and with every fragrance I fall for I find a background or history that accompanies this pleasurable experience. I'm not one to covet the spate of celebrity endorsed fragrance, I mean where is the history or fascinating story behind a Britney Spears endorsed fragrance? 
So with pleasure this year I fell for the beautiful fragrant water of Roger & Gallet who not only deliver the most beautiful fragrances amongst many desir
eable luxury products but the history is just as covetable. 1695 saw the start of the Roger & Gallet adventure. Jean-Paul Feminis who origintaed from Italy and settled in Cologne claimed to have been given the secret of a unique formula for water with amazing healing properties known as Aqua Mirabilis ( Eau Admirable ). Patented by the Cologne faculty of medicine in 1727 and named Eau de Cologne.

In 1806 Jean-Marie Farina heir to the formula for Eau de Cologne opened a perfumery in Rue Saint-Honore, Paris supplying the great courts of Europe with Napolean an enthusiast who had a flask custom made for him to carry in his boots. The flask was named the "Rouleau de l'Empereur" In 1862 the heirs to Maison Farina, Armand Roger and Charles Gallet formed a partnership which was to become Roger & Gallet. They modernised perfumery with olfactive innovations and creations. Together they invented the first beauty care and makeup products of face powder and lipstick. In 1879 they created the first round soap wrapped in the famous pleated paper and ring we still see to this day.

So with a history in French perfumery that spans over 200 years Roger & Gallet repackaged and relaunched for 2008 with a collaboration by Paris based designer Martin Szekely to give the brand a modern and fresh look.

Nature is an unlimited inspiration for Roger &  Gallet, sourcing the rarest of essences and raw materials then as a starting point using the culture of the country of origin to create each unique fragrance. Each fragrance is inspired by the exploration of beautiful gardens of the world from places like Calabria, Egypt, Bengal, China and Japan. All the fragrances convey a specific emotion offering the wearer to choose one or several of the fragrances to correspond to a moment or activity of the day, and can be worn in the sun! 

This year I fell in love with three of  Roger & Gallet's gentle fragrant waters, Lotus Bleu, Vanilla & Rose.

The magical flower of Blue Lotus ( Lotus Bleu)  has been sacred since the time of Ancient Egypt. Lotus Bleu gentle fragrant water is sensual with a subtle balance of flowers & fruits. With bergamot, watermelon, blue lotus, ylang-ylang, musk, patchouli and iris it delivers a bouquet of soft floral and woody notes, a delicate and natural fragrance.

On an Island in Mayotte blooms the vanilla orchid. Madagascan vanilla is a resourceful vine with exquisite flowers and pods. It is this exotic vanilla that is used in the composition of the Vanilla gentle fragrant water. It bursts with the freshness of citrus and vanilla. With grapefruit, mandarin, bergamot, lily of the valley, orange blossom, sandalwood , patchouli and vanilla it delivers a bouquet of citrus and woody notes, a fresh and sensual fragrance.

The Nepalese Rose is the flower from an Indian garden of Bengal and is the flower of Kings. Legend has it that from the mouths of young noble ladies came only roses and pearls. It is this rose that composes the Rose gentle fragrant water. It's fresh and versatile with tangerine, peony, rose blossom & sweet almond notes. This is a fragrance that will reach farther than just the traditional rose lover.

With contemporary bottles for the fragrant waters finished with a new frosted softness who could resist? Not I, on any given day I have one if not two in my bag. For those of you not familiar with these fragrant waters they make for a beautiful room scent, as I discovered recently when our house was used as location for a Black Magazine shoot with the crew commenting on how amazing our house smelt. So if you can't justify a trip to the mysterious and enchanting islands or countries on the Roger & Gallet adventure bring the atmosphere and experience to you through their beautiful products. 

Roger & Gallet. I'm absolutely charmed.

Online Chronicles

It was with great excitement (and a trembling credit card) that I greeted the news of the arrival of the Chronicles of Never online boutique, making Gareth Moody’s third collection of unisex apparel, jewellery and accessories available via his website at Current season wares will be available to all Southern Hemisphere customers and complete collections will be catalogued and detailed on the site, making it easy to select the right pieces from the growing range of basics, denim, tailoring, knits, leather, bags, shoes and jewellery. Gareth's current winter 2008 collection is entitled Another Slogan vs The World and is his first foray into denim since his days as co-founder of Tsubi (now Ksubi). Another Slogan vs The World also offers a range of winter knits and tailored overcoats.
The summer 08/09 collection - entitled Black Noise White Rain - will be available online from September 2008.