Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Subs Spotted Moving Around

Here is a picture of a couple of luxury submarines frolicking around in Neptune's back yard. Pretty cool eh? Yep, so what you're thinking. Well this is a quick story about a moving sub in the Auckland region. The Mercury Sub or Subs to be exact. Our esteemed subscription company, founded by our good friend, the vastly enlightened magazine maestro Stuart Shepherd, is on the move. Having partnered up with Gordon & Gotch a while back, Mr Shepherd is now shifting Mercury Subs out into the big wide ocean again to become a stand alone specialist subscription service. It's all very amicable and the distribution giant will still have Mercury Subs on board as it's subscription partner. The new company, descriptively titled the Magazine Marketing Company Ltd is owned by Shepherd and partner Bob Cooper and there's plans afoot to ramp things up considerably. This will include new products and services for punters and publishers - a substantial enhancement of the existing services on hand. The official re-launch of the company and it's website www.mercurysubs.co.nz will take place from September 2008. Nice one Stu!