Wednesday, July 2, 2008 Word Of The Week - Cockaigne

Has to be word of the week....

Cockaigne / kah-KAYN/ noun:

An imaginary land of ease and luxury...

Outside, in the dark, a wobbly patch of life upon the blue snow, the deer perhaps browsed, her soft blob of a nose rapturously sunk in the chilly winter greenery, her modest brain stem steeped in some dream of a Cockaigne for herbivores. - John Updike, Toward The End Of Time

Or perhaps:

The Copy Writer snuffled and chuckled to himself, warm with his own cleverness..."hah, this ad is beyond target, it's middle NZ's new mantra, it's Toyota no less. Mark The Builder will visualise a lawn-mowing Cockaigne when he sees this little baby mid Tri Nations test" - Marcus McCallum, Making You Love My Sausage, Crunchie Press 2008