Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Best MJ Tribute Photo This Week - Glam Canyon

Katja Hentschel's Glam Canyon is a benchmark for party photography if ever we saw one. Ms Hentschel is a genius of the night when it comes to capturing the kids of Berlin or any other city she finds herself in. In a week when we are all remembering Michael Jackson in his many guises, or not, this pic from Katja says a lot.

Black 11, The Erdmann Files #4, Queeny Van der Zande

Whilst Michael Schwartz, Valery Gherman and Elizabeth Sulcer were shooting Siri Tollerod for Black 11 in New York on Sunday, Robert Erdmann, Kerry Warn, Sharon Dowsett and Zoe James were shooting Queeny Van der Zande in London for and the shots just through are perfectly in synch from both cities - mainly due to The Churchword's clear direction to each team. How gorgeous is Queeny though? Being of Maori extraction Rachael and I both have Queenies in our whanau and find it fascinating to discover that there are Dutch Queenys too! Images The Fashion Spot.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ryding High

Ok we know this event was held last Saturday but it has taken us that long to recover and whip up a post! Greg Murrell's Ryder Salon, celebrating 10 years of excellence in the hair industry threw the 10th birthday bash to end all 10th birthday bashes. Using the salon as a venue Greg called in the not inconsiderable talents of fashion designers Stolen Girlfriends Club, artist Michael Parekowhai and DJs People Of Paris and supplemented the evening with quality catering and beverages to ensure the party was pumping. The bumper crew of guests was entertained both inside and outside the building by a showing of the new range from Stolen Girlfriend's Club called "Weapons Of Mass Seduction" which impressed all and sundry and the Parekowhai's around the walls filled the room with the beauty of flowers. A top night was had by one and all so here's a few party images of the night shot by Angelique Fris-Taylor and we have also posted a few images of the SGC show by Petrice Rhodes over on The Black Eye.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Black 11, The Schwartz Report, Siri Tollerod

Meanwhile back in New York Michael Schwartz is shooting some big name girls for a special feature and covers of Black 11. The first of these that we can tell you about is Siri Tollerod, an 'it' girl if ever there was one. The Norwegian beauty is ranked number 25 in the world by Models.com and has shot for Vogue Italia, Numero, V Magazine, Another Magazine, Muse and many more - and that's just in the past year.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Great, Great Songs Number 11

Halfway Home by TV on the Radio.

Aside from playing at this year's Big Day Out Auckland our main reason to attend the event was to see TV on the Radio. Simply because we love the way they effortlessly transcend colour, genre and time with their unique music. Apparently the sound out front wasn't too good but standing side of stage we could only see and hear one of our favourite bands and we loved seeing Tunde Adebimpe in action. Halfway Home still sounds as good as the first day we heard it. We thought we'd also post this video of the boys with Trent Reznor and former Bauhaus singer the inimitable Peter Murphy performing at a radio station promo where a select few got to watch the action close up. Lucky them.

Black 11, The Erdmann Files #3, Sharon Dowsett

Sharon Dowsett is one of Europe’s leading freelance makeup artists. Her credits include shows for Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Issey Miyake and Roland Mouret; Vogue, Harpers, Bazaar and W magazines; Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Guerlain, LancĂ´me, Garnier, Hugo Boss and D&G ad campaigns; and celebrities including Hilary Swank, Renee Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sophie Dahl and Kate Moss.

Black 11, The Erdmann Files #2, Kerry Warn, Zoe James

Hair styling legends don't come much bigger than Kerry Warn. The long time personal stylist to Nicole Kidman is vastly experienced and revered. Warn will be shooting for Black 11 with Robert Erdmann in London next week and as you can imagine, we're feeling humbled. Interestingly, Robert is pairing the hair legend with rising fashion stylist Zoe James (below), a long time assistant to the great Katie Grand of Pop, Love fame.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Free Hamburgers!

"All round Art fanatic and Waihekean" Sam Montgomery's lovely images of a pin-holed Japan feature in the current issue of Black Magazine. Sam has a publishing history too with his "highly praised and format busting 2008 publication Chilli, Beef And Cheese. On July 3 he is launching another magazine, Free Hamburger. Described as the free hamburger Newspaper "Mr Montgomery’s newest publication, a collaboration with one of New Zealand fashion's Most Valuable Players, Huffer, is designed as a free publication for distributors and stockists of Huffer Clothing" which looks like a nice combo indeed. We particularly like the use of the phrase "shock and awe" in the last part of the press release; "Mr Montgomery’s lust for shock and awe guarantees that this ongoing publication is one to watch and will become a force for the rejuvenation of the sometimes worn-out contexts of fashion photography and bring a new and fresh approach to the fusion of fashion and art.



Black 11, The Erdmann Files, Sam McKnight

We are honoured to advise that Robert Erdmann will be spending the next two weeks in London shooting 50 pages for the next Black Magazine, and shooting with some of the fashion industry's best. Sam McKnight, hair stylist legend, needs little introduction. Over the next few weeks we will tell you more about the teams working on Black 11.

Room With A View

We have a history of staging fashion shows so we are always interested to see wide shots of the venues and environments used by the world's fashion super powers. Miuccia Prada this week showed a collection of "graphic grey suits and layered sleeveless knitwear" in this long grey corridor, described by The Moment's Stefano Tonchi as "somewhat claustrophobic." One can't help but notice though, what appears to be the 'stalls' on the left hand side of the image. Are those people leaning through the slots in "the cheap seats" and was this viewing option created as part of the show? Whatever the answer, the range looks awesome...

Leading Man

When Michael Whittaker first shot for Black with Russ Flatt and Rachael Churchward as a tuffed up boot boy cum sailor a couple of years back he made an instant mark. At the time he was unknown in Auckland let alone anywhere else but The Churchword was immediately singing his praises and encouraging the young man to have belief in himself as a (potentially) world-class model. After a couple of seasons in Europe life is as they say, imitating art. Here's Michael leading out the Moschino show in Milan a couple of days back.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Milan, Milan

Lots of good coverage of Milan S/S 10 so far not least by Isaac Hinden-Miller for his blog Isaac Likes. We passed on one of our invitations to the John Varvartos show to him - Isaac rated the show alongside Zegna as one of the weeks best. Some really nice coverage of the Versace show on F-Tape, the fashion super site. Hopefully in future they will have the wherewithal to cover all shows like this...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

That's The Store #2: Infinite Definite, Christchurch

Further south in Christchurch Bob Weatherford is operating a similar business called Infinite Definite which shares Idiom's fashion/art ethic. Says Bob "We are an art-focused boutique situated in High St, Christchurch. While fashion will always be the biggest part of the mix, we are also holding monthly art exhibitions and hosting regular events. We also design our own brands and have a sales agency/distribution representing international brands. Alongside our fashion collections, we are also offering a selection of music/art/collectables/ publications that complement the vibe of the shop." Infinitely, definitely Christchurch.

That's The Store: Idiom, Tauranga

We are pleased to note that there seems to be a growing number of quality fashion retail stores thriving outside of Aotearoa's four main er, fashion centres. Idiom of Tauranga is one such store. Run by Rachelle and Chris Duffy, Idiom stocks the likes of Stolen Girlfriends Club, Lonely Hearts, For Good, Deadly Ponies, Mimosa, Meadowlark, 27 Names, Therese Rawsthorne and more. The store stocks magazines, including Black which is "very well received," and has just initiated the Idiom Studio a collaborative art direction and print design concept that also complements the art exhibitions the store holds on a regular basis. In order to service more than just Tauranga, the duo have established an online presence and store here. Given the fact that Moochi, one of New Zealand's smartest labels, originated in the area and as featured in Black 10 hot newcomers like Chaos & Harmony are based in the region, it seems there is fashion aplenty, in the Bay Of Plenty.

Shop 3a, 1 Spring Street,
Red Square, Tauranga,
New Zealand

Our Room At Venice

If, perchance, you happen to be in Venice over the next few months, then take the time to pop along to The New Zealand Room, a purpose-built exhibition set in a small room in the church where Judy Millar is exhibiting her work at the Venice Biennale this year. The room features the work of Jamie McLellan, David Trubridge, Candywhistle, Kennedy Brown, George Nuku and David Moreland below, whose wonderful Knight Light has featured here before. The New Zealand Room, situated at Judy Millar's La Maddalena will be open to the public in Venice, Italy from 3 June - 22 November 2009.

Monday, June 22, 2009

King David

Back in the nineties we published what was, and still is, a ground-breaking magazine here in Aotearoa called Planet. The magazine, helmed by editors like Russell Brown and Paul Shannon was well ahead of its time. Planet was the first 'online magazine' in NZ, was proudly aware of its turangawaewae, featured advanced fashion, music, political and cultural editorial and stands in the NZ Archive as one of the 'books' that shaped New Zealand. One of the most cutting-edge elements of the magazine though was its vibrant, vacillating and often rambunctious design courtesy of Marcus Ringrose, Gideon Keith and Simon Oosterdijk of V8 Visual Communications - now Seven and The Wilderness respectively. The boys were strongly influenced by one David Carson who had turned Ray Gun into the first magazine in the world where design was king. Carson has maintained strong links with the New Zealand graphic design and typography scene since those days and it's heartening to hear he will be back as a guest speaker of this year's Semi-Permanent alongside Kate Moross, Bibliothèque, Pentagram, DC comics illustration legend James Jean, All Of Us, Weta Digital and many more.

Semi-Permanent returns to Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 August 2009.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Pick Of The Week: AK 77

The Suburban Reptiles
were New Zealand's first, many say greatest punk band. Simon Grigg recently posted this amazing shot of a Suburban Reptiles gig, quite possibly at Zwines, from 1977 and in a purely fashion-captured-at-a-moment-in-time way, it's an intriguing image. Commenting on this photo Jim Salter (right) observes that the apparatus Claire Elliot/Zero (left) is holding "isn't an ebony cigarette holder - it's her #4 camel-hair brush, and in her other hand it isn't a wine bottle - it's the Indian Ink she used to put on her eyes..." Classic.

The Rising Stars: F-Tape's Graduates

Above: Akosua Afriyie-Kumi

We love F-Tape's Roar Talent section. It's no secret that London's fashion schools produce quality fashion talent on an annual basis and F-Tape are doing a stellar job of bringing the talent to the fore. Today the fashion site has posted its choice of the best graduates of the moment. We love the way sketches, drawings and references are also provided with the selection of shots from each range which enables us to understand the design process better. Education is gold. Here is The Churchword's pick of the graduates:

Above: Harald Lunde Helgesen

Above: Nicola Morgan

Hello Again

Photo: Stephen Tilly

Sara Aspinall must be in heaven living down in Dunedin. The place is a treasure trove of great second hand stores, a veritable vintage heaven of the south. The city may also play some part then in the wonderful recycling process that her label Company Of Strangers employs in the creation of its bags. Bogan jackets, those 80's jeans you saw on Three's Company and some of the nineties scariest trends are born again - reshaped, reformed and restitched, to gain a new life. The new Company Of Strangers range, with look book styled by our own Rachael Churchward, will be hitting stores soon.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ruling The Nation - Base FM Moves On

Marvin would surely say "Base... make me wanna holler"

Base Fm - "Ruling The Nation" goes the catch cry and why not - believe in bass because tuna is shit! After George FM's transformations of late and Bfm's ongoing indie status one would wonder just what would happen to Base FM, George's groovy little sister? "We're alive" they say, and kicking. "My name is Jake Jones and I'm the sales manager for Base FM in Ponsonby" said the welcome email "We are about to move to a new studio space and are very excited about the organic developments were experiencing at the moment and wanted to bring them to the attention of your publication in the hope of getting some editorial about the music, style and love Base FM exudes."

No worries.

"Base FM is a collective of DJs who began broadcasting in May 2004 from a studio inside George FM‘s complex, aiming to bring underground music to the community. Five years on, we have a developed listenership of about 25,000 Baseheads and have managed to create a unique sound that is eclectic and fresh"

Independence day..."Base FM broadcasts music that gains minimal airplay on other stations such as soul, funk, hip hop, drum ‘n bass, reggae, dubstep and the list grows daily. We promote respect for music giving equal airtime opportunities for local talents such as Tiki Taane, Fat Feddy‘s, P Money, Concord Dawn, Lady 6, Opensouls and Kora as well as international acts. Our line-up consists of some of the best artists and producers in NZ music today, incl. Manuel Bundy, Spragga (Sola Rosa), DLT, Dylan C, Scratch 22 (The Unscene), Chip Matthews & Tyra Hammond (Opensouls), CXL and Bobby Brazuka."

Base FM, still bringing the sound of independent radio. Congratulations to Jasmin, Jake and the crew...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

These Are Yours

And if these are Yours you might be very pleased indeed. There is a discernible groundswell of exciting new talent beginning to emerge within the NZ fashion industry and this new sneaker range from Yours certainly substantiates that. New fan The Churchword says; "They encapsulate a sneaker but their design transcends sheer functionality which makes them for me, more than just your average sneaker. Sophisticated, unique and confident - and I haven't even worn them yet."

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sketchy Times

More Monday warm and fuzzys. This time from an Aucklander called Dee Humidifier who sketches up the Vinster cover of Issue 10...thanks D.

Children Of The Riot Squad

The best song we have heard from Collapsing Cities so far this morning is their new single Tazers. We've liked this band for a couple of years now since the release of Elixer Always and if this new single from their forthcoming second album is anything to go by their time in the UK has had a galvanising, perhaps even maturing effect on them. Lead singer Steve Mathieson and fellow guitarists James Brennan drawl the line "Tasers, on the walls, reflecting on the sink, as we laugh ourselves to sleep" over lovely bubbling keys and Bunnymanesque rhythms topped off by a guitar sound that would give Martin Phillips hope in the future of pop music again. Good signs all round from one of Aotearoa's most promising bands...bring on the album boys.

Cute, witty and wonderful

Call me slow, but I've only just cottoned on to one of the cutest, wittiest and most stylish blogs on the net - Fashion Bits and Bobs. The writer is Pascal Grob (pictured right), a Swiss student based out of Zurich who in his own words "only started caring about what I was wearing eight months ago", but already has a casually quirky elegance down pat. If only we all could have spent our youth looking so sassy!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Flash Matt

Sydney-based photographer Matt Reed shot some nice doco style images of Edward Woodley and the China Heights community for our feature in the current issue of Black. We were impressed by Matt's ability to create a story with each shot and capture with ease the character of his subjects. Yesterday he sent through the link to his new website and after finding out a little more about Matt and his photojournalist background, it all makes perfect sense. Image above Johnny Lewis's Boxers. Below: Young Aussie Actors in Hollywood and below that Hollywood Skaters.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Erdmann Dot Com

We don't need to say too much more about Robert Erdmann than we love his new website.

Vintage Heaven

Je Suis Vintage may just be the best vintage mecca in town. 1am's Glenn and Amanda Hunt have gathered together an absolute treasure trove of golden goodies and have decided to have a SALE, starting today. Not just any sale mind you. EVERYTHING is $20. That's right everything...and there are some gems to be had to be sure, to be sure. We are heading in there shortly...

Je Suis Vintage
1st Floor
354 Karagahape Road