Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ruling The Nation - Base FM Moves On

Marvin would surely say "Base... make me wanna holler"

Base Fm - "Ruling The Nation" goes the catch cry and why not - believe in bass because tuna is shit! After George FM's transformations of late and Bfm's ongoing indie status one would wonder just what would happen to Base FM, George's groovy little sister? "We're alive" they say, and kicking. "My name is Jake Jones and I'm the sales manager for Base FM in Ponsonby" said the welcome email "We are about to move to a new studio space and are very excited about the organic developments were experiencing at the moment and wanted to bring them to the attention of your publication in the hope of getting some editorial about the music, style and love Base FM exudes."

No worries.

"Base FM is a collective of DJs who began broadcasting in May 2004 from a studio inside George FM‘s complex, aiming to bring underground music to the community. Five years on, we have a developed listenership of about 25,000 Baseheads and have managed to create a unique sound that is eclectic and fresh"

Independence day..."Base FM broadcasts music that gains minimal airplay on other stations such as soul, funk, hip hop, drum ‘n bass, reggae, dubstep and the list grows daily. We promote respect for music giving equal airtime opportunities for local talents such as Tiki Taane, Fat Feddy‘s, P Money, Concord Dawn, Lady 6, Opensouls and Kora as well as international acts. Our line-up consists of some of the best artists and producers in NZ music today, incl. Manuel Bundy, Spragga (Sola Rosa), DLT, Dylan C, Scratch 22 (The Unscene), Chip Matthews & Tyra Hammond (Opensouls), CXL and Bobby Brazuka."

Base FM, still bringing the sound of independent radio. Congratulations to Jasmin, Jake and the crew...