Tuesday, June 2, 2009

To Karen With Love, Sir

Karen Walker, Margot Davies and Katie Lockhart. Photo: Julie Cooper.

Karen Walker and To Sir With Love held a wee soiree last Thursday evening to celebrate the relationship between the NZ fashion icon and cashmere specialists Margot Davies and Katie Lockhart, and the new To Sir With Love range. Comfortably chic in a To Sir With Love sweater, Walker filled her Newmarket store with the soft and lovely creations and spoke of her admiration for cashmere "I wear it everyday" she said" adding that she was equally at home wearing it in the boardroom as the lounge. Lockhart is of course a long-time collaborator of Karen Walker Ltd having concepted and created the interiors of several Karen Walker stores whilst Davies helms the ship from Sydney. Add Lockhart's regular trips to Milan and Europe to work and it's easy to see why To Sir With Love, like Karen Walker, continues to develop an international audience for their brand. So, if you are like us here at Black and wish to add cashmere to your wardrobe this winter then pop into Karen Walker or go online here to find out more. Here are a few more images of the night shot by Julie Cooper.