Monday, June 29, 2009

Ryding High

Ok we know this event was held last Saturday but it has taken us that long to recover and whip up a post! Greg Murrell's Ryder Salon, celebrating 10 years of excellence in the hair industry threw the 10th birthday bash to end all 10th birthday bashes. Using the salon as a venue Greg called in the not inconsiderable talents of fashion designers Stolen Girlfriends Club, artist Michael Parekowhai and DJs People Of Paris and supplemented the evening with quality catering and beverages to ensure the party was pumping. The bumper crew of guests was entertained both inside and outside the building by a showing of the new range from Stolen Girlfriend's Club called "Weapons Of Mass Seduction" which impressed all and sundry and the Parekowhai's around the walls filled the room with the beauty of flowers. A top night was had by one and all so here's a few party images of the night shot by Angelique Fris-Taylor and we have also posted a few images of the SGC show by Petrice Rhodes over on The Black Eye.