Thursday, April 8, 2010

Workshop BMW show 2: Newmarket

L-R: Lewis @ Clyne, Kieran @ Red 11, Evgeny @ Clyne, Bailee @ Red 11

Hannah @ 62, Kieran @ Red 11

Lewis @ Clyne

Barbara @ Nova, Derya @ 62 Models

Ariel @ August

Well the two Auckland Workshop BMW shows went rather well, and the ready-to-wear element in the styling across the local and international Workshop brands worked a treat. Last nights show was followed by a preview of the upcoming Rent musical with Annie Crummer and Tama Waipara who filled the place with some searing soul singing but it was the combination of the Workshop brand and the new BMW X1 which resonates today. At $60k, and packed with power and style the X1 offers plenty to a new generation of BMW drivers and it just looks so fine. You guessed it, we want one. We were so busy last night we didn't have much time left to take photos but here are a few pics of the models lined up backstage just prior to the start of the show. We particularly like Derya's "blue steel" look. Next week, Wellington and Christchurch...