Monday, October 7, 2013

Blacklog Exclusive Preview: JUST LIKE HONEY: Gail Sorronda Tran Seasonal Collection 2013 / 2014

Milk & Honey Pant featuring the Michael Zavros print

Gail Sorronda continues to be one of Australia's most unique designers and her latest collection entitled Just Like Honey validates the kudos once again. This season, of the 30 plus pieces, 11 of them feature intricate bee prints which was the result of a collaboration with celebrated Australian artist Michael Zavros. We interviewed Gail to find out more about the development process behind Just Like Honey and are excited to share with you an exclusive preview of the images shot by Megan Cullen featuring Olivia from Viviens Model Management.

Honeypot Dress

Black: How did you first discover the work of Michael Zavros?
Gail: I first came across Michael's work whil visiting a mutual friend Deborah Quinn who had collected a few of his pieces.

Hey Good Lookin' - Michael Zavros & Gail Sorronda

What about his work do you find appealing?
I really love the darkness and refinement in his work. In particular his bronze pieces 'black orchid', 'swell' 'black ice' and 'Dissapear here' and his hyper realist charcoal 'Debaser' series and 'Prince'.

Queen Bee Dress

Had you already started designing this latest collection before you approached Michael about a collaboration or did it happen at the same time as designing?
No we established the collaboration first then I started designing with that in mind.

Just Like Honey Dress Short & Honey Puff Blouse

How do you think his artwork contributed to the evolution of the collection?
I think I could relate to his philosophy of darkness alongside a sense of humour. Sweet as honey but sting like a bee. The swarm of bees enveloping the body and silhouettes with cute bows and baby doll regression played on the duality that always inspires me.

Milk and Honey T-shirt

What was the idea behind this shoot with photographer Megan Cullen?
It was honestly about throwing cards up in the air and seeing how they land. I don't really believe in overtly preparing for shoots. I think the story will channel itself as it's meant to. I think what I got from it is a kind of nostalgic post war emergence from ruins as the dust settled.

Communion Dress

What is your favourite piece in the collection?
Probably a couple of my Italian made pieces, Lydia dress and Honeypot dress. I've been wearing Delphic Dress and Queen Bee Dress of late.

One of Gail's favourites - Lydia Dress

Who is the quintessential Gail Sorronda customer?
I always say we appeal to an aesthetic, not a demographic. But based upon that a female with a conscious understanding of the darkness alongside the light.

Buzz Shirt & Swarm Skirt Short

When can we expect this collection in stores?
First drop in stores this week! Final drop end of October.

Queen Bee Dress

Original Artwork: Michael Zavros
Model: Olivia @ Viviens
Photographer: Megan Cullen
Styling: Gail Sorronda
Hair: Lisa Guardala @ Lila Boheme
Makeup: Emma Louise Diamond
Graphic Design: Shay Devery
Shoes: Arielle de Pinto
Earrings: Grazia Fortuna Ward
Special Thanks to Bee One Third, Romy @ Willing Creative

Olivia @ Viviens