Friday, January 18, 2013

Maya Handley of Turnedout for Glassons in NYC

Keeping up their New York City vibe in their summer campaigns, Glassons head over to the big apple for the second summer in a row to shoot their new summer campaign with Maya Handley of has been a huge inspiration for me personally and I know for a fact that the aesthetic and charm Maya captures in her photographs of girls on the street grabs the attention of girls from all over the globe. When all the other street-style bloggers turned to commercialise their images and start printing their own books as a means to evolve, Maya, by instinct, clearly pulled in the other direction and continued to capture the realness on the street, exposing her sharp eye for pre-fashion-cues. Photographing inspiring girls who we learn hold jobs we get jealous over, girls who wear shoes and hats we love- but have no idea where they could have found them, and girls who dress themselves, for themselves - not to be photographed. 

An inspiring kiwi lass herself, New Zealander Maya, now residing in New York, works for people such as Grazia Italy, Dana Lee and Oyster. Having also taken images for other kiwi brands such as Stolen Girlfriends Club and Lonely Hearts, she now adds Glassons to her NZ list. Engulfing the Glassons brand straight into her world of Maya has captured the new season's collection in a whole new light. A light which we are loving. 

The images embody that same spontaneity of turnedout. Delivering a combination of Maya's eye for detail, color, natural light, and personality; it is the New Zealand girl's take of life in the big city!