Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Check the Fringe with Salon Mika

More side part then fringe, Mika will
reveal all in the Salon
Our good friend and 'King of Exotic Cabaret' Mika is bringing his take on cabaret - think Josephine Baker on a naughty night out with Grace Jones - to an iconic, for us at least, part of Karangahape Road. As part of the Auckland Fringe and Pride Festival, Salon Mika will run at Switch Bar, which just happens to be the same space that we lived in for six years and ran our magazine Planet from. Mika, who describes himself as: "One part plastic Māori, one part lifestyle liberationist and one part icon. Actor, singer, dancer, image‐maker," is a veteran of seven Edinburgh Fringe Festivals so expect a world-class show and a cast "of live musicians, dancers, exotic performers and poets from several countries." The R18 show opens to the public on Valentines Day, Feb 14 and runs through Wed-Sat nights from 8pm to Feb 23. Tickets are from $12 at 1-night.co.nz or 09 889 2161