Saturday, November 1, 2008

Beyond The Pail

I walk down Newtown's Enmore Rd twelve to fourteen times a day, but it wasn't until Thursday that I finally saw a light on in the new art space that I'd been peering into for weeks.

Curiosity well and truly aflame, I followed a trail of interesting creatures into the cosy (read: small and welcoming) space known as Oh Really Gallery.

Rewarded for my patience, I guess, I was lucky enough to stumble across the venue's first solo show. Titled Translocality, the work by Sydney's Baden Pailthorpe was mesmerising, with sizable prints and copies of the artist's self published book.

According to the Oh Really website, Translocality pays homage to Jack Kerouac's 'Lonesome Traveller,' and chronicles Pailthorpe's own travels to countries such as France, Iran and Turkey. They're the kind of photographs I'd love to have on my wall - beautiful, intelligent, intriguing, and with a gravity that remains long after the images have left your line of vision.

Having found my new favourite gallery, I'm hoping that the light's on a lot more often from now on...

See Translocality for yourself until Thursday, 6 November at Oh Really Gallery, 55 Enmore Rd, Newtown.

For more information visit