Monday, August 11, 2008

Want: Chronicles of Never meets Graz

Gareth Moody's classically androgynous and absolutely essential Chronicles of Never range of apparel, jewellery, shoes and accessories has made a friend, and what an impressive friend it is. Graz Mulcahy has been called one of the eyewear world's most notorious arbiters of style, and he and Moody and have paired up to create CoN's immediately covetable debut eyewear range for Summer 08/09. Cleverly engineered from acetate and featuring oversized hinges and indestructible, scratch resistant lenses, they come in three unisex shapes and two colour/finish options of black and tortoise. They will be available in limited supply globally from next month, including a capsule collection at Barney's, New York.
As with many of Gareth’s creations, the only problem I foresee is choosing which ones, when and how many?