Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vision On - Wella Trend Vision 2008

Gold Young Visionary 2008, Jason Chong Li, Stephen Marr, Newmarket

The Wella Trend Vision Awards is an annual award that matches the creativity, vision and skill of some New Zealand's top stylists with the Wella trends of the season - Couture Allure, Fashion Lyrics, Mineral Slendour and Wonderland being the trends of choice for 2008. Contestants are required to interpret the trends, submit an editorial quality image of their work and recreate the look at the Wella studios last Sunday to then present to the judges and award attendees that night. Judges Fiona Hawtin (Fashion Quarterly), Caroline Barron (Nova), Amber Dreardon (M.A.C) and Cathy Davis (Cathy Davis Hair & Spa Salon) had to oversee two sections; Master Visionary (over 30) and Young Visionary (under 30) and choose a Gold, Silver and Bronze in each category. And the winners are:

Master Visionary:

Gold: Stephanie Hosking, Toni & Guy, Newmarket
Silver: Miguel Lledo, Vada
Bronze: Tiffany Jane Clarke, Maelstrom Hairdressing

Young Visionary:

Gold: Jason Chong Li, Stephen Marr Skin & Body, Newmarket
Silver: Danielle Falconer, Dharma
Bronze: Yoshi Chung-Yang Su, Buoy

A speechless Jason Chong Li, whose work judge Cathy Davis said "encompassed everything we were looking for and more" will soon be winging his way to Lisbon, Portugal to compete in the International Trend Vision Awards. That event, however, may leave him speechless too as he will have to perform live against 72 other contestants in front of 3,500 people.
Silver Young Visionary, Danielle Falconer, Dharma

Gold Master Visionary award winner Stephanie Hosking was equally surprised about her gong suggesting that she was happy to be a finalist prior to thinking she must have made second with her winning creation which was 'inspired by a stint working in steel construction in Scandanavia." Her prize? A trip to London no less.

Congrats to all of the winners at another Wella winner, the 2008 Wella Trend Vision Awards.