Wednesday, December 1, 2010

M.A.C AIDs Fund milestone in NZ - $1 million raised this year

Today is World AIDS Day, a day that is close to our hearts on Dec 1 every year, and this year, there is something special to celebrate here in Aotearoa. One million dollars raised in NZ for the M.A.C AIDS fund purely from the sale of M.A.C Viva Glam lipsticks, a significant milestone for the visionary make-up company and more particularly the NZ team headed up by Jodie Matthews and Tatum Savage. To date $190 million has been raised for the cause through the Viva Glam programme so $1 million in a calendar year from a country the size of NZ is a serious achievement. We were honoured to have been invited to a luncheon yesterday with media and members of the Body Positive and Positive Women organisations - both of whom spoke eloquently and openly about just how important the donation from M.A.C is to keep these groups going - it is literally the most important source of income in growing these support units for people living with HIV and AIDs related illness in NZ. It was fantastic to see a team of M.A.C make-up artists acting as waiters and assisting in the cause as they do on a regular basis, there is a genuine partnership at work here, and around the world, between the cosmetics giant and the many organisations dealing with one of the world's most deadly diseases. M.A.C NZ announced a further $70,000 in extra support for the Positive Women foundation in Auckland - utterly admirable and heart warming. Congratulations to all concerned including those who buy the lipstick and retailers who take no can wear a ribbon to mark or at least talk about the subject but as they say at M.A.C, "Every day is World AIDS Day."