Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blacklog Status Update

There have been a few changes lately on Blacklog and over the next few months you will see many more as we ramp up the quality and quantity of content that we create specifically for Blacklog. Black Magazine publishes twice a year so there is plenty of time in between to publish blog specific fashion shoots, interviews, profiles and stories. Over the past couple of weeks we have published lengthy interviews with James Dobson and Kevin.Murphy style master James Furness, several more are in the pipeline. Yesterday we also shot our first Blacklog editorial; Ann Demeulemeester and Wunderkammer Jewellery with photographer David Shields. Black fashion director Rachael Churchward worked with Wunderkammer's Mark Crane to style Taren Cunningham @ 62 Models and Jason Kramer @ Red 11, hair & make-up by Natalie Dent using M.A.C Cosmetics. We'll post that shoot shortly.

Our belief in the value of both online and offline platforms for independent publishers dates back to 1995 when we published Planet Magazine here in NZ. We decided there and then, when most people didn't even have email, that we would publish Planet online - we could see the future. The only problem was that we were too far ahead of our time, it took over a day to download one large picture, so an image heavy online magazine, despite being a great idea, has only recently become a reality due to the advent of broadband. Interestingly, the photographer for the main shoot of our first online issue of Planet was none other than Paul Empson, who is right now in Sicily with June Nakamoto and crew shooting for Black 14. So please do click the wee tab on the right and 'follow' us or 'like' us over on our Facebook page, if you haven't already. Your support means a lot to us....have a swell day...

Grant & Rach