Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Portraits By Craig

Craig Owen's name has long been synonymous with quality fashion photography but his upcoming exhibition, simply entitled "Portraits" will see Craig stripping the fashion out of his photography. The models will still be there though and some of NZ's finest appear - Penny Pickard, Teresa Moore, Sara Sandring, Grace Barcelos, Joanna Tatham and the lovely Ngahuia Williams [pictured] among them. "In a sense, the exhibition is a collaboration" says Craig, whose work has appeared in Fashion Quarterly, Australian Vogue, Interview, several international Elle's and soon Black Magazine "these are all girls I've believed in, and each is so much more than just a good face or a good body. Their individuality and personality makes them unique".

The exhibition is large in size and spirit with 20 big works on show. 

Portraits by Craig Owen. The Letham Gallery, 35 Jervois Rd, Ponsonby, Auckland from 15 - 29 August, 2008.