Thursday, June 12, 2008

Maia "hydro couture"

If you have zero interest in the Top Ten Taupes for Lips This Spring or whether or not Shea Butter is the devil’s own work, then please skip this post. If however, you get as excited as me about new developments in the beauty industry, then do read on as I uncover this year’s most essential luxury. Good old Methven, New Zealand's leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of distinctive, water conserving showerware (and a legend in taps), recently debuted its latest breakthrough product, Maia, the world's first beauty shower. Carrying a RRP of USD$395, the new hand held, luxury personal shower takes showering to a whole new level, delivering the healthy benefits of an individualised spa experience directly to the privacy of your bathroom. As well as several settings depending on how you want to shower, Maia even has an inbuilt Vitamin C filter which neutralises chlorine to revitalise the skin and hair and allows it to be used directly on the face, which up until now has been a strict beauty no no. A best seller in stores like Barney's New York, Maia also comes in its own travel kit - don't leave home without it (I cetainly don’t).