Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Face Fashion Film and Editorial: Lula Cucchiara shoots Nick Reid at Red 11

Nick Reid @Red Eleven from Lula Cucchiara on Vimeo.

Followers of Blacklog, the Black Magazine Facebook page or our newly created Vimeo channel will know that we love Lula Cucchiara. The Argentinian native, now firmly ensconced in Three Kings, Auckland is a talented film maker and photographer with a very special eye for both the real, and the unreal. Here she teams once again with partner Ash Mosen to shoot fresh face at Red 11 Nick Reid with his partner Jules Van der Voorn in Vixen and Zora Bell Boyd Jewellery. Pretty much a case of a talented and creative couple shooting another talented and creative couple! We love the vision here, and the execution, across three formats; video, instant film (The Impossible Project) and digital.