Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Love Ugly July Collection Campaign by Shadowlands

If there is one thing we love about I Love Ugly, it is the complete nature of their vision and delivery for each and every collection. The I Love Ugly man is very much a lifestyle interpretation - he has a sweet living space, he appreciates art and design, his world is filled with things which meld perfectly with the brand's clothing and accessories and above all, he is inspired by life - "Aspire to Inspire before you Expire" says the brand. Like many of their design contemporaries I Love Ugly don't adhere to the S/S/F/W format, instead they release regular collections that offer much to their local and international fans - one follower's summer is another's winter. For the second installment of their mid-year release the brand once again do what they do so well - great prints and tailoring. The 'White Lady' isn't a hamburger cart but a classic pin-up girl cartwheeling across a shirt, the "Baseball Frankie" series depicts baseball motifs; bats, gloves, caps and of course, stripes and a cheeky mushroom print reflects a sense of scientific psychedelia. If you are an I Love Ugly man you can update the next chapter in your ILU life now online or at selected stores worldwide. Here is the campaign beautifully shot by Shadowlands and starring James Nola at 62 Models.