Friday, May 17, 2013

BLK Crew x Karen Walker Eyewear

Photographer Damien Nikora
Here at Black Magazine we have always prided ourselves on having fun on shoots. It's a staple requirement alongside good music, creative energy and plenty of good kai (food), a happy crew is a great crew. At the end of our shoot with crew; Damien Nikora, Rachael Churchward, Jessica Grubisa, Thistle Brown, Greg Murrell, Fraser Folagi and Sharlene Cassidy for BLK #19, Damien took the opportunity to shoot some of the crew in Karen Walker Eyewear, just for fun. Here in ascending order, are Damien, Rachael, Greg, Fraser and Sharlene wearing New Zealand's most successful eyewear brand. All photos by Damien Nikora

Black Fashion Director Rachael Churchward

Black Hair Editor Greg Murrell of Ryder Salon

Hair Assistant: Fraser Folagi of Ryder Salon
Make-up artist Sharlene Cassidy