Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blacklog Editorial #43: Chris Fatseas shoots Claes at Priscillas

Strateas Carlucci top
Louis Vuitton pants
Jack London shoes
Photographer Chris Fatseas has teamed up with Black contributor Sarah Birchley to shoot the mysterious looking Claes from Priscillas model management in Sydney. Chris is quite the master of creating a uniquely cinematic and darkly lit world - "The shoot is about moments of contemplation and reflection that bring about a troubled awakening/realisation. A dark journey of sorts."  With grooming by Carla McKeever the pictures feature some of our favourite brands including Zambesi Man, Strateas Carlucci and Louis Vuitton amongst others.  It's going to be a long night ahead...

Strateas Carlucci jacket
Zambesi Man shorts
Louis Vuitton Shirt
Strateas Carlucci Pants
Zambesi Man Jacket
Miguel Aquilizan knuckleduster 

Strateas Carlucci knit top
Louis Vuitton jeans & jacket
Miguel rings
Ksubi t-shirt
Zambesi Man pants & coat
Jack London shoes

Zambesi Man shirt
Louis Vuitton knit jacket
Strateas Carlucci trousers
Louis Vuitton shoes
Miguel Aquilizan knuckledusters
Zambesi Man Shirt
Ksubi Jeans
Common Goods Supply Co Jacket