Thursday, February 28, 2013

Black Magazine Whanau, Australia

We spent four fabulous days in Melbourne a couple of weeks back. Two days shooting and two days of business and hanging out with our much loved editors and friends from that continent. On the first night we'd arranged to meet Black Australian Editor, Melbourne Justin Henry at Superteam Studios to hook up with Ribal (above front) and Gil (above left) from Superteam, Sophie Barker our Melbourne fashion editor and our close friend Dan Zizys. To our surprise, and enjoyment, Black Australian Editor, Sydney Thom Kerr walked in as well, having flown himself down for the weekend. Suffice to say we had a good night. The Superteam boys like to shoot life, in fact shoot everything, so a ten minute session in the studio was mandatory. These are the pictures...

Thom Kerr
Sophie Barker
Rachael Churchward
Dan Zyzis

Grant Fell
Justin Henry