Monday, August 20, 2012

Wunderkammer Showroom Clean-Out Sale

Our friends at Wunderkammer are doing something special this weekend. As they concentrate their efforts on ZBB Wunderkammer Jewellery, new mens clothing brand Senex Puerilis Wunderkammer and developing the existing store on Ponsonby Road, they have decided to close the showroom at 62 Ponsonby Road. That space has been home to an amazing array of taxidermy, cabinets, specimens, lamps, pews, art and of course, a full size billiard table. This weekend - starting on Friday, August 24 and ending on Sunday, August 26 they are selling the lot. Larger items are available to view by appointment prior but anyone who knows and likes the Wunderkammer environment and can see a little bit of that in their home, should attend.