Thursday, August 30, 2012

Marr Factory Wednesday: NOM*d

Models on stage. Photo: Oliver Rose
The Golden Dawn, Tavern of Power, was positively heaving last night as the great Southern brand known as NOM*d rolled into town for the fourth night of the Marr Factory. For those of us who have been there all four nights so far, it felt like a welcome Groundhog Night experience returning to the friendly staff and environment that has been home to us all week. The collection, entitled 'A Raven's Tale', is on sale now in store and online like all of the fashion on display during the week of the Marr Factory and was succinctly styled by the talented Karen Inderbitzen-Waller, who is also styling tonight's Kate Sylvester show. A Raven's Tale, a la Alan Parson's Project or even Edgar Allen Poe, is no lightweight matter and Inderbitzen-Waller, ably assisted by Stephen Marr's Sky Jackson and team and the Olivia-led M.A.C team nailed the vibe superbly. There was a darkness in the eyes as the well-cast models sauntered down the runway to the suitably dark undertones in the music, created by long time collaborator Richard Shaw. Perfect then, to have DJ Carter Pearce on the decks after the show, dropping twisted and quirky old school tunes for the crowd who responded by hitting the dance floor en masse. Four great shows in a row and Kate Sylvester to come tonight, can hardly wait! All photos by Oliver Rose and, where credited, by Yasmine Ganley

Photo: Yasmine Ganley

Three Ravens
Lili in a smoky corner
Photo: Yasmine Ganley
Stephen Marr hair
Safest place in an earthquake
No product in eyes
Eyes by Amber D
Holly Rose getting M.A.Ced
On the stove
Wall to wall NOM*d

Karen and Avril final checks
Margi's Ravens
Queue on the stairs


Photo: Yasmine Ganley
Photo: Yasmine Ganley
Photo: Yasmine Ganley
Photo: Yasmine Ganley
Photo: Yasmine Ganley
Photo: Yasmine Ganley
Photo: Yasmine Ganley and below
peeps at the show all by Oliver Rose