Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Marr Factory Tuesday: Workshop & Helen Cherry

Georgia Fowler. Photo: Damien Nikora
Day three of the Marr Factory saw Workshop Denim and Helen Cherry pack out the rapidly-becoming-more-famous Golden Dawn, Tavern of Power. The tight show, styled by Black Magazine's Rachael Churchward, featured a veritable who's who of the Auckland modelling scene; top boys like Vinnie Woolston, Michael Whittaker and Christopher Landon rubbed shoulders with catwalk legends like Ngahuia Williams, Georgia Fowler and Penny Pickard, flanked by a swathe of the ubiquitous new breed like Lili SumnerKelvinRosie Crawford, AndreyCedric, Mary, Rhianon Stanford and Tess H among many others. Quality casting for sure. Music for the night was superbly mashed up in an oh-so-Workshop style by Dylan Cherry and his musical mate Elliot. The Stephen Marr hair team led by Lauren Gunn and Matt Benns, again delivered perfectly, as, once again, did the M.A.C team led by Josie Wignall - after two nights of sunnies it was good to see lots of eyes!  Churchward accessorised the two labels - which looked more cohesive together, than ever - with imports available, like all of the fashion on show, right now in store and online. These included: menswear by Alexander Wang and Marc by Marc Jacobs (both new to Workshop) and Wunderkammer Jewellery for Workshop. Womenswear by Vanessa Bruno, Alexander Wang, Marc by Marc Jacobs, See by Chloe, Petit Bateau and Wildfox. All photos by Oliver Rose and Damien Nikora

Breonne, Georgia, Lili and Chloe. Photo: Oliver Rose

Tess, Max and Georgia. Photo: Oliver Rose
Vinnie & Rosie. Photo: Oliver Rose
Olivia. Photo: Damien Nikora
Rosie, Rhianon & Lili. Photo: Oliver Rose
Michael strangling Chris. Photo: Damien Nikora
Tess relaxing after show. Photo: Damien Nikora
Ngahuia waits pensively. Photo: Damien Nikora
Andrey. Photo: Damien Nikora
Michael groomed by M.A.C. Photo: Oliver Rose
Rosie. Photo: Damien Nikora
Vinnie and Rosie. Photo Damien Nikora
Matt Benns on the spray. Photo: Oliver Rose
Tess on street. Photo: Damien Nikora
Don't fall asleep Vin! Photo: Oliver Rose
Mary, Mary, Mary! Photo: Oliver Rose
Chris and Michael. Photo: Damien Nikora
Michael, Helen Cherry and Breonne. Photo: Oliver Rose
Sssssh Rosie. Photo: Oliver Rose
Max, Cedric, McInnes, Sam and Andrey. Photo: Oliver Rose
Breonne gets the treatment from Lauren Gunn. Photo: Oliver Rose
Crowd after show. Photo: Damien Nikora
Dasha. Photo: Oliver Rose
Olivia outside with BMWs. Photo: Oliver Rose
Olivia eyes. Photo: Oliver Rose
Happy McInnes. Photo: Oliver Rose
Rhianon and crew pre-show. Photo: Oliver Rose
Model call with Matt Benns. Photo: Oliver Rose
Vinnie & Tess and below people at show all by Oliver Rose