Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Top 5 Indie Tunes at Black HQ this week

You Push, I'll Go by Baby Dayliner.

Ethan Marunas aka Baby Dayliner is a graduate of La Guardia High School of Music & Art - better known as FAME school - but don't hold that against him. You Push, I'll Go is a sublime mix of eighties vocal a la The The or Orange Juice and a smooth little house groove. Loving this direction, maybe more indie types will absorb the great nineties house grooves instead of the super dull techno-trance rhythms underpinning so much of the so called 'new electronica'

Rats by The Black Heart Procession

This bands forefathers include Three Mile Pilot but they may also be shapeshifters judging by their publicity pics. Rats is a slow swamp country groove spliced with synths and overlaid with a laconic vocal - a tune that wouldn't be out of place on you guessed it, True Blood.

Deli by Delorean

The car of the same name is now famous and whilst this Spanish dance pop group aren't quite famous yet their synth-infused sound is not too dissimilar to Empire Of The Sun or MGMT so they could well be, quite soon. Best when it chugs along...

Zoomba by Starlight Mints

Alan Vest, the Nunez's and Javier Gonzalez, aka Starlight Mints, describe their sound "bubblegum synch" but on this tune they sound more like Bowie-Queen synch, and that's much better than it sounds.

Bull Black Nova by Wilco

Wilco's new album (The Album) will keep fans of this Chicago folk-country-indie sextet more than happy - yet the nicely-named Bull Black Nova is something of a departure - for the better. Unlike the rest of the album this tune has a groove based upon stabbed keys and even more interestingly, a searing twin guitar break that crescendos toward the end of the song. More please...