Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shoemaker Shines - Black Hearts Kathryn Wilson

What a load of new cobblers! Or so it seems at present with New Zealand shoe designers starting to proliferate on both sides of the Tasman. In recent times we have seen the emergence of Chaos & Harmony, Aussie-based Beau Coops and the highly desirable Yours - and we are starting to see some real quality form, fashion and function for our feet, to boot (sorry). Thus, when local shoe designer Kathryn Wilson sent us some images of her new range we were eager to see how far she had progressed in the recently competitive pantheon of local shoe design and we can say without a word of a lie that she is on fire. For her Winter 09 collection Kathryn created a cute little black-and-white loafer named after our fashion director, the Churchward Loafer. The Summer 2010 range features a number of loafers again, plus killer high and low boots, moccassins, boat shoes, heels, pumps and some fabulous brogues (above). Add a wad of coloured patent leather and the range signals a coming of age for New Zealand's resident shoe queen.