Thursday, August 13, 2009

Black 11 - On Set - Street Life

Ajoh, our favourite last top model, with make-up by Amber D

Levi surveys the burgers and wonders about "Mermaid Dollars"

Believe it or not Commerce Street in Auckland's Britomart district is an interesting place, even at 7 o’clock on a Thursday night. Multi-national food outlets dot either side of the wide-ish thoroughfare, there is a metallic carpark centre-piece and The White Lady, open for almost every day since 1948, lights it all up with her fairy lights and quality burgers. A good place for the third part of our shoot thought photographer Russ Flatt, and by and large it was. Then the er, freaks came out. In the case of Freaky Glasses Guy (below) and his impressive ensemble, it was a welcome intrusion. The Churchword commented that the combo of outfit, glasses and particularly the positioning of the eyewear on his head was a styling moment that she could not have thought up herself. Street magic.

Freaky Glasses Guy gets in the picture with Lewis

Rachael fits Ajoh into the Alexander Wangs

Angus pulls a pukana and (below) Russ Flatt's lens action...