Thursday, August 13, 2009

Got A Crush On Cider?

An increasing number of people do. Once upon a time it was commonly asked for by those recently returned from their British OE in their best London accent "Got a cider mate?", " Any snakebite guv'?" to bemusement from those at home or a "Nah sorry mate, we don't serve vinegar."

But times have changed and Monteiths the venerable brewer based in Greymouth on the South Island's West Coast see the sense (or perhaps cents) in it all. While their crushed apples, picked from the finest orchards in the surrounding regions, have been fermenting they conducted a little cider research. Monteith's brand manager, the media-friendly sounding Russell Browne says the market in NZ is worth $4.5 million a year and growing at nearly 13 percent. And, given that cider is seen by many as a refreshing summer drink, the September release of the new 4.5% Monteith's Crushed Apple Cider looks like a smart move all round by the innovative brewery.

The tipple comes in a four pack with an rrp of $14.99 and will be available on tap too at selected locations.