Thursday, April 16, 2009

Zaney? No, brilliant!

Every now and then we receive something out of the blue here at Black HQ which makes us sit up and take notice. So it was when we opened our email box this morning to find a series of t-shirt designs from a guy called Zane Wright who said " Hi my name is Zane Wright and i am 29 years old, I am looking for coverage as an illustrator and was wondering if i could possibly feature in Black Magazine?" We were intrigued by the designs (below) and asked Zane for a little more information - it seems he lives in the Bay Of Islands, loves big game fishing for Marlin (perfect with a name like Zane) and is inspired by the ocean, land and people of the far North. He also sent us some of his paintings (above) which we plain fell in love with. Zane has limited edition T-shirt prints and paintings available.

If you are interested in either you can contact him at:

If Zane Grey were alive today we're sure he would have bought one!