Monday, April 27, 2009

Tee From Two

Dermit & Horn. Tailors of Men's Clothing and Fine Hats. Upstairs, 309 Karangahape Road, Newton. Est. 1942. Please telephone for fittings.

With a name like Dermit & Horn they sound like a classic tailor of yesteryear but far from it.When we first saw these Dermit & Horn tees a few weeks back we were impressed by; the tees themselves, the styling, H&M, photography (Ian McRae) and also by the names (Manbox, Kitty, Ratty) of each shirt. The designs feature pretty things like birds, kittens, mice "Awww" says the PR "but there is a darkness lurking beneath these art-inspired illustrations. 'There’s an air of the absurd,' the designers say. 'As though the narrative might unnerve you if you look too long.'” It's possible the panty hose might unnerve some people, or the knee braces - but the overall package is, we think, a fashionable and well-considered one.

"Dermit" aka Will Handley is a successful NZ artist with three "mostly-sold-out solo exhibitions to his name. His half of the business is named after his former piano teacher. He no longer plays piano but he still likes the name. Handley decided it would be a good idea to start a label with Wilson after he saw her wearing a cat mask at a party (and it wasn’t a costume party either)."

"Horn" aka Elizabeth Wilson is a past finalist of the reputable Deutz Fashion Design Ambassador Awards also interned at the even more reputable Karen Walker workroom for a year and "decided it would be worth starting a label with Handley after he walked into a cafĂ© wearing a top he’d made, featuring the face of a young David Bowie."

Dermit & Horn's debut collection is in store now

Fabric – Auckland, Wunderkammer - Auckland, Plume – Christchurch, Plume – Dunedin

Words quoted by Cathrin Schaer