Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Top 5 Indie Tunes At Black HQ This Week

1. Are Friends Electric by The Dead Weather

OK, they are a super group consisting of Alison “VV” Mosshart (vocals, guitar) of The Kills, Dean Fertita (guitar) of Queens Of The Stone Age, Jack Lawrence (bass) of The Raconteurs and Jack White (drums, vocals) of The White Stripes and Raconteurs - and they are covering one of the greatest songs of the last half Century. Must be shite then. Nup, it's awesome - cover of the year to date.

2. Black Hearted Love by PJ Harvey & John Parrish

Has P.J Harvey ever sounded better than on this tune? It's debatable but John Parrish's contribution cannot be ignored either; beautiful instrumentation and production. The end result? Epic.

3. Ambulance by The Albertans

This lovely tune by The Albertans is completely fabulous and not just because it sounds like the Jean Paul Sartre experience have reunited and reignited. Interestingly, they don't really look like the song sounds...

4. Tunnelvision by Here We Go Magic

Everything this trio from New York have done sounds brilliant to us - at the forefront of a wave of bands that have that er...utterly contemporary sound. Tunnelvision has a driving rhythm, more so than say Fangela but is every bit as interesting.

5. Everything Goes To Shit by Silent Land Time Machine

Clocking in at just under 8 minutes is becoming de riguer in indie circles and sometimes you wish they'd listen again and do some editing. Not so Everything Goes To Shit, jagging cello aka John Cale and cool little samples supplement the chugging-est song around. Also epic.