Monday, September 15, 2008

Chuck Got it Right!

When Chuck Taylor traversed the US somewhat wantonly in his Cadillac for the best part of last century, he did so on a unique and somewhat stylised mission. Fully (ankle) patched, and golf bag in tow, Chuck literally drove from town to town, and from golf course to golf course, sleeping in the back seat of his white Cadillac and talking to anyone that listened about his quality footwear to anyone willing to try it - and luckily, many were willing. The Chuck Taylor was then, and still is now, the most iconic footwear of all time. Chuck, an average basketball player from Akron, Ohio, was a man who had suffered poor footwear for far too long. He was evangelical in his belief that he could create a basketball shoe - nay, an athletic shoe - for all people, for all time. He preached the good word on the matter, literally door-to-door and his initial invention, the Chuck Taylor All Star, in turn inducted a posthumous Chuck into the deeply revered All Star Basketball Hall Of Fame - many years after he left the "court," as such. So what would have Chuck made of the new Chuck Lights range which has more than tickled our tootsies here at Black? A lot, we think. Chuck was clearly all for making shoes stronger, lighter, less cumbersome and as good-looking as possible, which this range so clearly is. The Chuck Lights range, a perfect slam dunk and available from all good shoe stores in NZ and Australia.