Thursday, September 25, 2008

Boh, Boh, Boh!

One of our favourite Rungas, and let's face it there are a few, is Boh. The sexy rock chick has always been fashionably turned out and more than a little creative in her personal expression. Last year she created her first range of jewellery, the Birdland Collection, in partnership with NZ Mint and many were impressed. Exciting then that multi-talented Boh has now released her second range, again in partnership with NZ Mint entitled The Messenger Stories. We love the way she has actively sought out some of the coolest flora and fauna of Aotearoa and so simply, and prettily, turned them into wearable pieces. Our favourites are the Fantail pendant (above) - we love Fantails - and the Miromiro bracelet (below). Actually, it's all pretty cool. Go, go , go Boh!